Dr. Anuja Agarwal

Dr. Anuja Agarwal

Associate Dean - Technology Management

Ph. D (Management Studies) - Mumbai University,
MCA, B.Sc. (Computer Science).

Areas of Specialization

Design Thinking and Innovation in Management, Human Computer Interaction

Interest Areas

Creativity, Design thinking and Innovation in Management education, Human Computer Interaction, Smart Cities

Research & Publications

Flagship Projects : Setting up of Innovation Lab at the Business school, Rural based Research, India- Sweden Innovation Accelerator project on Renewable Energy, Visiting faculty for Design thinking & leadership at Malardalen University, Sweden

Research & Development:

1. My Ph.D. Topic is “Applying Creativity, Design Thinking and Innovation in Management education” for which I was awarded the degree in June 2014.

2. Research Conducted in the Rural areas under the project “Exploring the grassroots” to study the existing outreach of the industry verticals like Banking & Finance, FMCG/ Retail, Energy, Education.

3. Primary Research conducted in collaboration with the Stanford Design for Change centre for the project-"Strategies for alternate energy sources and building business ecosystems in rural India"

Research : Research papers Total – 10 :
International – 6, National – 4


  1. Presented the paper titled “Humanizing the Metropolis : Make the City Smart “at the ‘Smart City Expo World Congress on 18th November 2015’ at Barcelona, Spain
  2. “K- Reflect: A Reflective tool for assimilation of knowledge in Management education”; South Asian Academic Research Journals: ACADEMECIA - An International multi-disciplinary research journal, Vol. 4/ Issue 11, ISSN No. 2249-7137, Page 130-141, 2014
  3. Challenges and Impact of Agricultural Finance on Socio Economic Status of the Indian Farmer, TIJ’s Research Journal of Social Science & Management. ISSN No. 2251-1571, 2014
  4. “Envisage Rural Potential through Rural Inc.”, International Journal's Research Journal of Social Sciences and management, Published in Singapore, Impact factor : 3.951. ISSN no. 2251-1571, Volume 4, No. 4(2014) : 01 August 2014.
  5. “Impact of including Design thinking competencies in Management education – An experimental study”, DMI 2012 International Research Conference, August 2012, Boston
  6. “Design Inspired Innovation for rural India”, 18th International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED11) , August 2011, Copenhagen


  1. “Designing Productive Meetings”, Aweshkar research Journal, Vol X, issue 2, September 2010, ISSN 0974-1119. Pg 4-17.
  2. “Software tool for enhancing Research in Design and Innovation projects in Management Education”, Technology for Education conference T4E Journal of IIT Mumbai, July 2010.
  3. “How we Learn”, Innovation educators conference journal, April 2011, ISB Publication.
  4. “A framework to explore the grassroots (Rural India) by Design Innovation Thinking” Paper presented at the Innovation Forum- India 2012, organized by - Tata Institute of Social Sciences(TISS)

Case Studies authored : Two

Book : (International Publisher)

Co-authored the section titled ‘Design Management in India’ in the Handbook of Design Management, published by Berg Publishers, UK in 2011

Speaker at Seminar / Conferences

  1. Speaker at the ‘Smart City Expo World Congress – 2015’ at Barcelona on the 18th Nov 2015 for the topic “”Humanize the Metropolis : Make the city smart”
  2. Speaker at the “HT Mission MBA” organized by Hindustan Times, on 28th February, 2015 for the topic “Emerging trends in Management education”
  3. Speaker at the Second Annual “Rural Strategy Summit” organized by The Economic Times, 19th December, 2014 in Mumbai
  4. Speaker & Moderator at “AuRuM 2014 based on the theme of Rural Inc.” in October 2014, held a Weschool
  5. Moderator at the Roundtable during the “Inspirational Symposium on Energy Innovations” – an India Sweden Innovation Initiative in April 2014
  6. Speaker at the Seminar on “Action Oriented research” at the Malardalen University, Eskilstuna, Sweden on the 20th May, 2010
  7. Speaker at the “TCS/Ericsson management program” In cooperation with MDH university on “Management Education in India today and the vision for the future”; October 2008
  8. Speaker at the ‘D-camp’ - A Usability conference in Banglore in 2008


Kyoto Design Lab Innovation Prize – The Team won the prize For Developing a low-cost concept to help manage ‘Freezing’ in a Parkinson’s disease patient by taking a genuinely Inclusive approach to design a product that has applications beyond Parkinson’s alone – the product is directly applicable to athletes. Team 1 created Pace – a personal metronome, easily configured by the user – with even the packaging and branding designed by the team in 24 hours.

Awarded in the 24hr design challenge (Team 1 - Pace) on the 13th and 14th of July 2015 at the Design4Health conference held at Art & Design Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, England.


Speaker at Seminar / Conferences

  1. Design4health conference, Sheffield, UK, July 2015
  2. SAS Analytics Forum INDIA 2015, Mumbai, April 2015
  3. E-tailing India Expo 2015, Mumbai, 24-26th Feb, 2015
  4. First Annual “Rural Strategy Summit”, organized by The Economic Times in New Delhi, November 2013
  5. Second Annual “Rural Strategy Summit” organized by The Economic Times, 19th December, 2014 in Mumbai
  6. Rural Marketing and Advertisement of India (RMAI) seminar in New Delhi, October, 2012
  7. DMI Conference- Leading by Design, in Boston, in August, 2012
  8. 18th International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED11) , August 2011”, Copenhagen
  9. “Easy 6 – India’s sixth annual national Usability conference” at Banglore, India on
    January 23rd ,2006 .
  10. “Association of Indian Management Schools conference” at IIM Lucknow,2006
  11. “CSI Conference on Useability” at Persistent Systems, Pune, 2007
  12. “CII – NID Design Summit” on 5 – 6 December at New Delhi, 2008
  13. “Seminar on Innovation” organized by the Bombay Management Association in December, at Mumbai, 2008
  14. “DMI Conference” in Paris, in April,2008
  15. “DMI Conference” in Williamsburg, USA in September,2007
  16. “FICCI – Design Conference” on 25,26 September, 2008 in Mumbai

Workshops conducted

  1. Conducted “Innovation Leaders” workshop for the senior Management executives of companies - Kirloskar oil engines, L&T Hyatt group of Hotels, BMA, Society of Ophthalmic surgeons.
  2. Conducted “Think creative and act Innovative at WeSchool” workshop for the Non- teaching staff of Weschool in October 2008, in Mumbai
  3. Conducted a joint workshop for TCS Executives along with Ericsson and Malardalen University, Sweden, with a focus on “Management Styles and new Management Education in India” in 2009
  4. Conducted a Management Development Program on the topic of Innovation & Entrepreneurship for the Defense personnel (JCOs) - *Work under progress

Books/ Monographs/ Case Studies

  1. Co-authored the section titled ‘Design Management in India’ in the Handbook of Design Management, published by Berg Publishers, UK
  2. Case study written- "Pidilite-The successful Bond"
  3. Case study written on “Weschool” - The making of Prinwell: Journey of transformation of a “one-of-many B-schools to a B-school of repute.
  4. Case Study on “Smart Banking for Smart cities – ICICI Bank leads the way”*

Books/ Monographs/ Case Studies

I am a keen sports person, have been a Delhi State level Gymnastics team champion, a Basketball player at school level and have participated in state level (Chandigarh) tournaments. I have been an athlete through out my school days and have won several awards for Sprint and long jump. Have been a Champion of Badminton at college level. Besides, I paint on Canvas, do Tanjore painting, Mughal Art & Calligraphy.

Total Experience – 24 Years

International visiting faculty experience

I have been a Visiting faculty for Leadership & Design thinking at the Malardalen University, Sweden under the Linnaeus Palme scholarship by the Swedish Government, in 2010.

Recent Speaker Opportunities:

Speaker at the World Congress on Smart cities at Barcelona, Spain (2015)

Speaker at the Project Management Institute in Mumbai (2016)

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Office Phone No.

+91-22- 4502 4044