Dr. Payal B. Joshi

Dr. Payal B. Joshi

Assistant Professor (Chemistry)

M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry), Ph.D. (Chemical Science)

Areas of Specialization

Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry

Interest Areas

Pharmaceutical Analysis, Green Chemistry

Research & Publications


Conferences / Workshops / Seminars attended- 07

Academic activities

  • Teaching graduate students of B.Tech and MBA (Tech) at MPSTME.
  • Reviewer in Chemistry for high impact journals like Analytical Letters.
  • Examiner in Applied Chemistry-I & II (University of Mumbai) 2010-12

Professional Memberships

  • Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA)
  • California Separation Science Society (CASSS)

Editorial Board Membership

  • Analytical Letters (Taylor & Francis)
  • Journal of Pharmaceutical & Bioanalytical Science

Recent Publications

  • Payal B. Joshi, S.I.Bhoir, A.M. Bhagwat, Trends in universal detection in high performance liquid chromatography, Separation Science, Volume 2, Issue 12, p.12-14, 2010. (Cited:3).
  • Payal B. Joshi, S.I. Bhoir, A.M. Bhagwat, K.Vishwanath, R.K.Jadhav, Identification of Forced Degradation Products of Itopride by LC-PDA and LC-MS, Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 73, Issue 3, p.287-291, 2011. (Cited: 2).
  • Payal B. Joshi, S. I.Bhoir, R.K.Jadhav, K. Vishwanath, Stability-Indicating LC Method for Analysis of Lamotrigine and Use of the Method to Study Degradation Kinetics, Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Research, Volume 2, Issue 4, p.142- 149, 2011.
  • Payal B. Joshi, Green Metrics in a Pharmaceutical Scenario- A Review, Journal of Pharmaceutical & Bioanalytical Science, Volume 2, Issue 4, p. 39-46, 2013.
  • Payal B. Joshi, Carbon Dioxide Utilization – A Comprehensive Review, International Journal of Chemical Sciences, Volume 12, Issue 4, p. 1208-1220, 2014.
  • Payal B. Joshi, Is zero liquid discharge a feasible solution, Journal of Chemistry & Chemical Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 11, 989-996, 2016. 
  • Patent (pending): ‘Improved Sustainable Catalytic Oxidation Process’, Research Team: Anant Jhaveri (PI), Ketakee Durve, Geetanjali Ashtekar, Payal Joshi, Dec 2015. 
  • Book: Payal B. Joshi, Experiments in Engineering Chemistry, I.K.International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd, ISBN 9789385909139, 2016.

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