geetha mohan iyer

Geetha Mohan Iyer

Assistant Professor

AICWA, M.Com, MPhil

Areas of Specialization

Accounting & Finance

Interest Areas

Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Behavioral Finance, Financial Inclusion

Research & Publications

Papers Presented

1. Presented Paper on “An Empirical Analysis into Dynamic Relationship between Stock Market Volatility and Exchange Rate Movement” in International Financial Reporting Conference on 17th and 18th December, 2015 at Nagindas Khandwala College, Malad.

2. Presented Paper on “Impact of Dividend Policy on the Performance of Indian Firms” in SIMSR Finance Conference, SIFICO 2015 at K.J. Somaiya College, Vidyavihar.

3. Presented Paper on “A Study on Impact of Financial Management on Business Performance” in 18th UGC sponsored National Conference on Mapping for Excellence: Challenges Ahead, on 8th March, 2014 at Pioneer Institute of Professional studies, Indore.

4. Presented Paper on “Literature Review on Impact of Behavioural Finance in Decision Making” in National Conference on Creative and Innovative trends in Management from 20th April – 22nd April 2012 at JJT University, Rajasthan.

Papers Published

1. Published paper in April 2016 “Empirical study on efficient market hypotheses- January effect.Asian Journal of Management Research. ISSN No: 2229-3795. Vol 6 (3) pp. 277-283.

2. Published paper in March 2016 “Study on Credit Card Usage behaviour in Mumbai" Vol 8 ( 9) (ISSN 0974 438X).

3. Published paper in Jan 2016 “A Study of Gender Diversity on Indian Corporate Board” in Gender Diversity and Development. ISBN No: 978-81-924836-4-1. Pg. 132-136.

4. Published paper in Dec 2015 “An Empirical Analysis into Dynamic Relationship between Stock Market Volatility and Exchange Rate Movement” in Scholarly Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies. ISSN 2319-4766, 1(1). Pp.148-153. Impact factor 4.889

5. Published paper on “Consideration of sources of Information as selection criteria in Mutual Fund Purchase for Retail Investors” in Pacific Business Review International, ISSN: 0974-438X 6(12) June,2014 pp. 58- 70.

6. Published paper on “A Study on Impact of financial management on Business Performance” in SHODH, Pioneer Journal Institute of IT & Management, ISSN- 0974-8954- Shodh, 10(1) January – June 2014, pp.17-19.

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