Prathmesh Churi Computer

Prof. Prathamesh Churi

Assistant Professor

M.E., B.E.

Areas of Specialization

Computer Engineering

Academic and Professional Qualification:

  • Masters of Engineering (M.E) in Information Technology 
  • Bachelors of Engineering (B.E) in Computer Engineering

Honours and Awards:

  • Special Award in Education by Somavanshi Kshatriya Samaj (SKS Sangh) for contribution in Education Field.
  • Selected as a Finalist in Infosys Faculty Excellence Award –Content Guru Competition. 
  • Invited as “Session Chairperson (Computer Science and Engineering track)” in The 2nd International IEEE Conference on Science and Technology (TICST -2017) held at Rajmangala University of Technology, Thailand. 
  • Co-Session Chairperson in the 4th International IEEE Conference on Computing for sustainable Global Development (INDIACom -2017) for the track “Research Directions in Engineering Education” 
  • “Best Paper Award” for the research paper titled "Model -view -Controller Architecture pattern in Business Intelligence Model" in National Conference on Commerce , Management and Technology (VCMT -2015) , Mumbai

Memberships of Professional bodies: 

  • Computer Society of India (CSI) – Lifetime Membership 
  • Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) – Lifetime Membership 
  • International Association of Engineering (IAEng) – Lifetime Membership

Members of editorial board:

  • Associate Editor – International Journal of Advances in Intelligent Informatics (IJAIN) , Indonesia 
  • Editorial Board Member – Circulation in Computer Science (CCS) , NY , USA 
  • Technical Program Committee Member, Reviewer for various IEEE, Springer Conferences across the world.

Courses taught:

  • Programming Languages C/C++/JAVA/ Android, Data Structures and Analysis of Algorithms. 
  • Information Security and Cryptography. 
  • Distributed Computing 
  • Web Technology (HTML. HTML 5 , CSS , JavaScript)

Teaching experience:

  • Non NMIMS Experience: Lecturer in Department of Information Technology , Vidyavardhini’s College of Engineering and Technology (VCET) – Affiliated to University of Mumbai for 2 years 
  • NMIMS Experience: Currently working as Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Engineering , SVKM’s NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering (MPSTME) , Mumbai for 1 year 8 months (till date)

Research Interest:

Information Security and Cryptography, Education Technology, Internet of Things.

Recent Publications:

• Journals:

  • Churi, Prathamesh, Medha Kalelkar, and Bhavin Save. "JSH Algorithm: A Password Encryption Technique using Jumbling-Salting-Hashing." International Journal of Computer Applications 92.2 (2014). 
  • Kalelkar, Medha, Prathamesh Churi, and Deepa Kalelkar. "Implementation of Model-View-Controller Architecture Pattern for Business Intelligence Architecture." International Journal of Computer Applications 102.12 (2014). 
  • Prathamesh P Churi, Shreya Bondre and Neha Gavankar. Honey-patterns: Recognizing Pattern based Attacks on Websites. International Journal of Computer Applications 161(9):8-11, March 2017. 
  • Ramkrishna Oruganti, Saurabh Shah, Yohan Pavri, Neelansh Prasad, Prathamesh Churi (2017). JSSecure: A Secured Encryption Strategy for Payment Gateways in E-Commerce. Circulation in Computer Science, 2, 5(June 2017), 13-17. 
  • Prathamesh P. Churi, Kamal Mistry (2017). DE-PRE Tool for Detection and Prevention from Input Validation Attacks on Website. Circulation in Computer Science, 2, 5 (June 2017), 23-27. 
  • Prathamesh P Churi and Sanjay Deshmukh. Multimedia Transfer using Wireless LAN: A Case Study. International Journal of Computer Applications 167(7):8-11, June 2017 
  • Churi Prathamesh, “Technology in Teaching : India’s Perspective”, International Education and Research Journal , Vol 3, no 7(2017) , E-ISSN No : 2454-9916 
  • Churi Prathamesh, “E-Commerce Security with Secure Electronic Transaction Protocol : A survey and Implementation” ,International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, Volume 8 Issue (Sept-Oct 2017) 
  • Churi Prathamesh, Jamar Rishabh , Rajpopat Javan “Data Analytics in Banking” ,International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, Volume 8 Issue (Nov-Dec 2017)
  • Churi Prathamesh, Yug Desai , Shreyas Dighe , Abhinandan Desai “Analysis of Smart Store Solutions using Proximity Technologies” ,International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, Volume 8 Issue (Nov-Dec 2017)

• Conferences:

  • Churi, Prathamesh P., Vaishali Ghate, and Kranti Ghag. "Jumbling-Salting: An improvised approach for password encryption." Science and Technology (TICST), 2015 International Conference on. IEEE, 2015. 
  • Churi Prathamesh , Ghah Kranti. “Model-View-Controller Architecture Pattern in Business Intelligence.” National Multidisciplinary Conference on Commerce , Management and Technology ,VCMT -2015, 978-93-85880-11-7 
  • Churi, Prathamesh P., et al. "Model-view-controller pattern in BI dashboards: Designing best practices." Computing for Sustainable Global Development (INDIACom), 2016 3rd International Conference on. IEEE, 2016. 
  • Churi, Prathamesh P.,et al. “Alchemizing Education System By Developing 5 Layered Outcome Based Engineering Education (OBEE) Model.” MOOCs, Innovation and Technology in Education (MITE), 2016 4th International Conference on. IEEE,2016 
  • P. Churi, A. Bhat, R. Mohite and P. P. Churi, "E-zip: An electronic lock for secured system," 2016 IEEE International Conference on Advances in Electronics, Communication and Computer Technology (ICAECCT), Pune, India, 2016, pp. 45-49. 
  • Churi, Prathamesh , Savla Yash., “An era of Cloud ERP Significant differentiation with premise ERP,” International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Technology, Indore , 2016 
  • Churi, Prathamesh P., et al. "Development of Innovative Course Outcomes: an approach towards OBEE architecture." Computing for Sustainable Global Development (INDIACom), 2017 4th International Conference on. IEEE, 2017. 
  • Churi Prathamesh ,Jamar Rishabh, Sogani Aditi , Savy Mudgal , "E-Shield: Detection and Prevention of Website Attacks," 2017 IEEE International Conference on Recent Trends in Electronics, Information & Communication Technology (RTEICT), Bangalore, 2017. 
  • Churi, Prathamesh P. "Performance Analysis of Data Encryption Algorithm: Cipher-Text length Analysis”, 2017 International Conference on Science and Technology, Thailand. IEEE, 2017.

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