Richa Upadhyay

Richa Upadhyay

Assistant Professor, EXTC Dept.

M.Tech. (Electronic System and Communication)

Areas of Specialization

VLSI, Digital Design

Interest Areas

VLSI, Nanoelectronics

Research & Publications

Published Twenty Five papers in technical / management subjects and on education and training.

  • “Simulink Design Of Pipelined CORDIC For Generation of Sine and Cosine Values”, published in International Journal of Computational Engineering Research, vol.3 Issue 3, March 2013,pp. 312-316 .
  • “Hardware Implementation of Hyperbolic Tan using CORDIC on FPGA”, published in International Journal of Engineering Research and Application, vol.3 Issue 2, March- April 2013, pp.696-699.

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