Dr. (Mrs) Usha Ghosh

Associate Professor (Chemistry), HOD of Chemical Engineering

Ph.D. (Polypeptide Chemistry)

Synthetic organic, organometallic, process, medicinal and polypeptide chemistry

Prof. Nishita D. Parekh

Assistant Professor (Chemical)

B.E (Chemical), MBA

Specialization: Chemical Engineering, HR

Dr. Geetanjali Gokhale Ashtekar

Assistant Professor (Chemistry)

Ph.D, Chemistry

Specialization: Organic Chemistry, Synthesis, Catalysis

Dr. Chandan Maitrani

Assistant Professor (Chemistry)

M.Sc (Organic Chemistry), Ph.D (Chemistry)

Specialization: Organic, Bioorganic, General Chemistry

Dr. Payal B. Joshi

Assistant Professor (Chemistry)

M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry), Ph.D. (Chemical Science)

Specialization: Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry

Prof. Rahul Paliwal

Assistant Professor (Chemical)

M. Tech (Chemical Engineering), ICT Mumbai

Specialization: Chemical Engineering

Dr. Abhinaba Gupta

Assistant Professor (Chemistry)

Bachelor of Chemical Technology, PhD (Chemistry)

Specialization: Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Dr. Ketakee Sanjay Durve

Assistant Professor (Chemistry)

PhD (Chemistry), LLB

Specialization: Catalysis, Sustainable Process development, Synthetic Chemistry

Dr. Sanket Gudekar

Assistant Professor (Chemistry)

PhD (Chemistry)

Specialization: Organic Chemistry

Ananya Dey

Assistant Professor

M.Tech, B.E. 

Specialization: Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering