Ketan Shah

Dr. Ketan Shah

Professor and Head of Department

M.E. (Electronics), Ph.D.

Specialization: Data Mining

Vijay Raisinghani

Dr. Vijay T Raisinghani


B.E (Mumbai Univ), M.Tech(IT) & PhD(IT) (IIT Bombay)

Areas of interest: Protocol Stacks (Computer Networks), Education Technology

Prof. Pintu R Shah

Assistant professor

PhD(pursuing), B.E(EXTC), PGDIT,MTM, MBA(Information System), CEH v9

Specialization: Information Technology

Prof. Pratidnya S. Hegde Patil

Assistant Professor

M.Tech. IT

Specialization: IT

Pintu R Shah

Prof. Rejo Rajan Mathew

Assistant Professor

M.Tech I.T

Specialization: Information Technology

Prof. Ashwini Rao

Assistant Professor

ME (CS) , Ph.D (pursuing)

Specialization: Web Mining

ashwini rao

Prof. Sulalah Mirkar

Assistant Professor

M.Tech (I.T.).

Specialization: Information Technology

Prof. Pallavi Rao Gadahad

Assistant Professor (Adjunct)

MS (Information Systems)

Specialization: Interaction Design, Social Informatics

Prof. Ruchi Sharma

Assistant Professor

B.E.(Computers), M.E.(Computers), PhD(pursuing)

Specialization: Machine Learning, BigData Analytics, Data Mining

saurav verma

Prof. Saurav Verma

Assistant Professor,

Specialization: Signal Processing , Embedded Systems & MicroElectro Mechanical Systems(MEMS).

raminder kaur nagra

Prof. Anshul Gupta

Assistant Professor

B.E(I.T) , M.Tech(I.T), PhD(Pursuing)

Specialization: Data Science- Big Data Analytics, Link Predictions and recommendation systems in Online Social Networking

Prof. Dharmesh I. Rathod

Assistant Professor


Specialization: Image Processing , Signal and Systems

raminder kaur nagra

Prof. Raminder Kaur Nagra

Assistant Professor

M.Tech (CSE)

Specialization: Computer Science

raminder kaur nagra

Dr. Preeja RaviShankar Babu

Assistant Professor

M.Tech(Computational Engineering), Ph.D (Computational Engineering)

Specialization: Machine learning:-Support Vector Machines, Deep Neural Networks, Power quality analytics:-wavelet

raminder kaur nagra

Prof. Minati Rath

Assistant Professor


Specialization: Computer

raminder kaur nagra

Prof. Dhanashree G Huddedar

Assistant Professor

M.Tech(Information Technology), B.E (Computer Science)

Specialization: Information Technology

Prof. Bhisaji C Surve

Assistant professor

B.E.(Electrical Engg.) MTech( Computer Enginering)

Specialization: Electronics and Data science

Prof. Sneha Deshmukh

Assistant professor

B.Tech (CS), M.Tech (IT), PhD (pursuing)

Specialization: Wireless sensor networks, Ad hoc networks, Internet of Things


Prof. Indrani Sengupta

Asst Prof Adjunct

Specialization: Software Engineering