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MBA Tech. Computer Engineering, is a integrated program in which the students get both B. Tech. and MBA degrees in Technology Management in a span of 5 years.

MPSTME, NMIMS, has always been in the forefront in offering courses which are of international standards and which give opportunity to students to be industry ready. Over the years, through strong industry linkages, NMIMS has identified a need for techno managers.

With increasing use of technology in every field, organizations are looking for human resources who not only understand business practices and appreciate technology in their respective domains, but also understand its impact on technological decision-making. Industry also seeks people who can multitask and have the ability of delivering results quickly.

The MBA Tech. program is specially designed to meet this growing need of techno managers. NMIMS is one of the few institutions in the country which offers this program. The program has been tailor-made by leading academicians and experts from the industry to develop students into techno-managers with multitasking abilities.

In this program, students get trained to be engineers in the field of their choices and begin training for their MBA degrees from 4th year onwards. The rigorous program also offers summer placements to the students so that they get a first-hand experience of how the industry functions. At the end of five years, students are well equipped to understand the expectations of the industry, which helps them during placements through MPSTME.


Program Duration: 5 Years

  • Intake:

          Mumbai -  60 seats 


  • Unique features of the program: (AICTE approved)
    • The Five-year MBA.Tech. Program prepares students in all fundamental aspects of the emerging field of Artificial Intelligence as well as in Business and Technology Management, with an appropriate mix of compulsory classroom learnings, laboratory sessions, tutorials, case studies, industry visits as also, a plethora of choices for elective courses.
    • Students are awarded two separate degrees. First is a BTech. in Artificial Intelligence, the second being an MBA in their choice of specialization in one of either Finance, Marketing, Operations or Business Intelligence Analytics. The students also have an option of majoring in one of these specializations while minoring at the other.
    • Technical Industrial training of 8 weeks and Management Industrial Training of 19 weeks ensure effective learning utilization. These are full time engagements after the completion of the Sixth and Eighth Semesters respectively prior to the commencement of the subsequent semester.
    • The primary objective of the MBA.Tech. program is to train students for various industry opportunities that require a strong background in the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence as well as in Business and Technology Management.
    • Project-based learning is implemented to improve the education pedagogy, making students more employable in modern manufacturing industries. 
    • Industry-based project work along with exhaustive case studies have been introduced as part of the curricula, enhancing the Industry-Institute Interface.
  • Career Opportunities

After successful completion of this programme, these "Technomanagers" who have acquired a combined knowledge of engineering and management will be able to contribute effectively to the business objectives. MBA-Tech is the course of the future. It is the present expectation and the future demand of the industry.


To develop new age leaders achieve excellence in business by leveraging latest technologies


  • To become the most preferred institution providing a blend of Technology and Management learnings.
  • To build a business leader who will drive innovative use of technology in corporate world
  • To create an ‘industry-ready’ resource through development of state-of-the-art curriculum delivered by a top-notch faculty
  • To develop students to work in a social and ethical framework and make significant contribution to society at large

Program Objectives

  • The program aims to build professionals with technical education, experience and expertise in the application of technology to the business world.
  • Students in the program will develop the ability to recognize technology as a key success factor for the enterprise. They are given a comprehensive approach to manage the implementation of technology to the organization’s value chain.
  • Student will develop the ability to harness emerging technologies in their chosen sectors including finance, marketing and operations.
  • Graduates are expected to take up middle management and executive positions in organizations with responsibility to effectively use technology for organizational effectiveness and competitiveness.
  • The program will enhance a student’s career development path and give him opportunities in senior management roles in corporate world. Students can also choose to become entrepreneurs in their chosen field of technology and innovation. Students can work in the role of consultants to traditional business managers in the area of technology management.

Program Educational Objectives

  • Acts as a leader and role model for ethical, professional, and social behaviour
  • Understands the societal implications of managerial and technical decisions.
  • Analyzes issues from multiple perspectives, asks insightful questions and assimilates information well.
  • Works effectively in a multi-functional team environment and communicates effectively in group discussion, formal presentation and in written communication.
  • Demonstrates the ability to integrate multiple technologies, to generate creative, differentiating options and to develop effective strategies and continual improvement opportunities.
  • Inspires a vision, sets clear direction and connects customer requirements and corporate goals.



Board of Studies
  • Engineering Subjects
  • Manjunath Joshi, Professor, DA-IICT.
  • Sujay Madbhavi,Data Scientist
  • Jitendra MudholFounder and CEO, CollaMeta Sunnyvale, California 
  • Sunil Bhardwaj, Data Scientist, Consultant (Business Analytics) SaS India.
  • Vikas Bhusari, country head - India - consulting sales and delivery - Oracle financial services software limited


  • Management Subjects
  • Shahrokh Bogli, Strota Georystems Pvt. Ltd. (India)
  • Satish Mittal, Vice President, Vodafone Ltd.
  • Nirmal Humbad, Managing Director, Dorch Consultant
  • Vijay Chondok, President ,ICICI Bank
  • Sunil Khanna, Emersons Network Power Ltd.
  • Shrikant Bapat, Johnson Controls India
  • Harish Chatterjee , Raymond Ltd.
  • Mr Hemant Narvekar, Siemens Ltd.



Highly Experienced and well qualified faculties are there to teach and facilitate the knowledge acquisition by the students. The curriculum is developed by all the top notches from academia and Industry to give students the blend of theoretical, industrial and practical knowledge.

The teaching methodology is based on concept development by experimentation, case studies and suitable examples from Industries.

Value Proposition of MBA (Tech)

The NMIMS philosophy has always been about all-round development of students. Apart from ensuring academic excellence, focused activities are organized to help students to take initiatives and bring to the fore their un-utilized and lesser known potentials in any sector – be it sports, culture or academics. Most of the programs, activities and initiatives are completely run and managed by student bodies; which ingrain in them the qualities of leadership, planning, strategizing, budgeting, teamwork, managing or sharing responsibilities and meeting deadlines.


Teaching Scheme

MBA Tech AI first year teaching scheme

MBA Tech AI Sem I syllabus 2021-22

MBA Tech AI Sem II syllabus 2021-22


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