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Books, Research Publications & Patents


  • Numericals in Engineering Chemistry ISBN No. 978-93-86943-12-5, August 2017 (Publication – Aug, 2017- Dr Geetanjali Gokhle) 
  • Engineering Chemistry (BATU) ISBN No. 978-93-86700-76-6 (Publication – Aug,2017 - Dr Geetanjali Gokhle) 
  • Payal B. Joshi, Experiments in Engineering Chemistry, I.K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd, ISBN 9789385909139, 2016.

Research Publications:

• Research paper published :

  • Usha Ghosh; European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Vol 134, Pg 366,378 – July,2017. 
  • Payal B. Joshi, Is Zero Liquid Discharge a Feasible Solution? Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Sciences, Volume 6, Issue 11, p.989-996 (2016). 
  • Payal B. Joshi, Plutonium Today and Beyond, Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Sciences, (UGC listed S.no4738 Journal no.47537) Volume 7, Issue 10, p.871-873 (2017). 
  • Sanket Gudekar , Simultaneous Estimation and Quantification of three main ingredients, Aceclofenac, Thiocolchicoside & Paracetamol in Finished dosage form -by using Reversed Phase High Performance Liquid chromatography, International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research, vol.38 ,issue, May – June 2016; Article No. 07, Pages: 29-34. 
  • Abhinaba Gupta ,Membrane Mediated Organ catalyst Separation Methodology, Journal of Applicable Chemistry (JOAC), Vol. 5, Issue 1, Pg. 255-265, 27/1/16. 
  • Dey., Ananya, (2018), “Semiconductor Metal Oxide Gas Sensors: A Review”, Materials Science and Engineering B, 229, 206-217

Paper Presentations:

  • Payal B. Joshi, Zero-to-minimal liquid discharge as waste water management approach, National Symposium on Frontiers in Applied Biological & Chemical Sciences, FABCS, (Oral talk), Dept. of Microbiology, Smt. C.H.M College, 10th and 11th February, 2017. 
  • Nishita Parekh,Paper Presented at International Congress of Environmental Research – 2011 organized by SVNIT & Journal of Environment Research and development, on topic “Is ‘Cloud’ really Green?” . 
  • Usha Ghosh and Abhinaba Gupta,National Conference on Desalination and Water Purification for Defence and Civil Applications at Defence laboratory, Jodhpur, 2017. 22-23 March,2017 (Defence Lab-Jodhpur)

Patent Published :

  • ‘Improved Sustainable Catalytic Oxidation Process’, Research Team: Anant Jhaveri (PI), Ketakee Durve, Geetanjali Ashtekar, Payal Joshi, Dec 2015. Patent Application No. 201621035145 (filed on 14th October, 2016), Published on 21/10/2016, 44/2016.
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