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All the classrooms are air conditioned and equipped with Smartboard, PA System and WiFi.


Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Area: 75 m2.
Capacity: 20
Major Equipment:
1. Consolidation test apparatus
2. Tri-axial test apparatus
3. Direct shear box
4. CBR test
5. Automatic/Manual compaction test apparatus
6. Atterberg’s limit test apparatus
7. Un-Confined Compression Strength test apparatus

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory
Area: 130 m2.
Capacity: 20
1. Reynold’s apparatus
2. Bernoulli’s theorem test apparatus
3. Rotameter apparatus
4. Apparatusfor Notches/weirs
5. Apparatusfor Minor/major losses in pipes
6. Apparatusfor Open channel plume
7. Apparatusfor Venturimeter/ Orificemeter
8. Apparatusfor Orifice/Mouthpiece

Material Testing Laboratory
Area: 125 m2.
Capacity: 20
1. Torsion testing machine
2. Rockwell cum Brinell hardness testing machine
3. Izod impact testing machine – Digital
4. Universal Testing Machine 100 tons capacity
5. Sieve shaker

Hydraulic Machinery Laboratory
Area: 130 m2.
Capacity: 20
1. Gear Pump Test Rig
2. Francis Turbine Test Rig
3. Centrifugal Pump Test Rig
4. Reciprocating Pump Test Rig
5. Impact of Jet Apparatus
6. Pelton Wheel Turbine test rig
7. Kaplan Turbine test rig

Concrete Technology Laboratory
Area: 125 m2.
Capacity: 20
1. Compression Testing Machine
2. Vee bee consistometer
3. Vicat’s apparatus
4. Mortar Mixer, capacity 4.75 litre
5. NDT equipment
6. Vibrating Table - 75cm X 75cm
7. Pan type concrete mixer, capacity 40 litres
8. Hot air oven Thermostatic- 250oc, inner SS, 60cm X 45cm X 45cm
9. Concrete, mortar cube molds and beam molds

Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Area: 75 m2.
Capacity: 20
1. Digital COD testing digester
2. Jar test apparatus
3. BOD testing setup
4. Water hardness testing apparatus
5. Turbidity meter
6. Spectrophotometer

Library Services:

The library is the heart of knowledge and information. It is an essential and integral component of the institute. Library supports the teaching, learning and research activities of the institute. It has a rich collection of print and non-print resources on Engineering, Technology, Management and allied subjects. The well-furnished, air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled library is located on the ground floor of the institute. It is spacious, comfortable and it is managed by trained library professionals who assist the library users effectively and promptly. The main library has an area of 231.68 Sq. Mts., with a seating capacity of 110. The library working hours on all working days are 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. The library consists of two parts: 1. Stacking with reading area and 2. Administrative area with circulation section. The development and growth of the library are planned under the leadership of the Library Advisory Committee.

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