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btech placementsbtech placements


1. Electrical Machines Lab

In Order to give Practical approach to the students for the theoretical topics studied by the students in the class room, Electrical Machine laboratory is having a well-organized infrastructure. The lab is having all the Machine set up, which is very user friendly where students can perform all the practical on their own. Keeping the track of latest trends in the field, the lab is having latest drive control modules.


2. Renewable Energy Lab

Renewable energy laboratory at MPSTME, Mumbai focuses on research and education for development of sustainable energy systems for future use. Renewable energy lab has Solar Photovoltaic Training and Research module and Wind Energy Training module along with MATLAB and Simulink based realization and optimization of hybrid renewable energy systems. Students can perform various learning experiences like the flexibility of both indoor and outdoor usage, Manual Control of DC-DC converter and MPPT Algorithm testing using the Solar PV training module. The wind energy training gives an insight about individual components, consequences of changing the operating points of any wind turbine defined in terms of wind speed and pitch angle and learning of concepts like I-V characteristic, cut-off, cut-in speed etc.


3. Basic Electrical Lab

It includes the practical training on the basic concepts of Electrical technology. The lab is well developed with equipments & trainer kits of DC & AC analysis, Kirchhoff’s laws, Electromagnetism, Earthing systems and testing of Transformer.


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