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Prof. Girish Joshi

Assistant Professor

B.Tech, M.Tech

Areas of Specialization

Manufacturing Engineering.

Interest Areas

Manufacturing Processes, Machining of Exotic Materials

Research & Publications

04 International Journal Papers:

  • “Dry turning of AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel using AlTiCrNcoated insert produced by HPPMS technique”, A. P. Kulkarni, G. G. Joshi and V. G. Sargade, Procedia Engineering; vol 64; 737-746; 2013. 
  • “Design optimization of cutting parameters for turning of AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel using Taguchi method”, A. P. Kulkarni, G. G. Joshi and V. G. Sargade, Indian journal of Engineering & Materials Science, Vol 20, 252-258, 2013. 
  • “Performance of PVD AlTiCrN coating during machining of austenitic stainless steel”; A. P. Kulkarni, G. G. Joshi and V. G. Sargade; Surface Engineering; Vol. 29; The Charlesworth Group, Wakefield; 402-407; 2013. 
  • “Analytical and Experimental Investigation on Cutting temperature in Turning AISI 304 Austenitic Stainless Steel using AlTiCrN Coated Carbide Insert”; Atul P. Kulkarni, Girish G. Joshi, Amit Karekar, Vikas G. Sargade; International Review of Mechanical Engineering (I.RE.M.E.); Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l.;Vol. 7; 189-197;2013.

03 International Conference Papers:

  • Girish Joshi, Yogesh Gaikhe, R. S. Pawade, P. K. Brahmankar; “Some Investigations on Electro-polishing of Stainless Steel 420”; 2nd International Conference on Production and Industrial Engineering; NIT Jalandhar; 2010. 
  • Girish Joshi, Atul Kulkarni, Vikas Sargade; “Investigation into the machinability characteristics of AISI 304 austenitic stainless steels using AlTiCrN coated cemented carbide inserts”; 4th International & 25th AIMTDR; Jadavpur University Kokata; Dec 2012
  • Sandeep Huddedar, Atul Kulkarni, Girish G. Joshi and Vikas G. Sargade, "Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AlTiCrN, AlCrN Coatings Deposited by Cathodic Arc Eveporation (PVD) Technique", 21st Int. Conference on Processing of Processing and Fabrication of Advance Materials, 2012, IIT Guwahati.

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