Dr. Payal B. Joshi

Dr. (Mrs) Usha Ghosh

Associate Professor, Head Chemical Engineering Department

Ph.D. (Polypeptide Chemistry)

Areas of Specialization

Synthetic organic, organometallic, process, medicinal and polypeptide chemistry

Academic and Professional Qualification: 

Ph.D. (Polypeptide Chemistry); M.Sc. (Chemistry)

Honors and Awards:

  • Research fellow award from Department of Science and Technology (DST) new Delhi worked at Bio-organic Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, India 
  • Post-doctoral research fellow worked with Prof. Ian Fleming, FRS in the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK 
  • Post-doctoral research fellow worked and with Prof. John A. Katzenellenbogen in the Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA 
  • Best research paper presentation awards at national and international forum

Courses taught: 

Engineering Chemistry, Applied chemistry, Drug Discovery, chemical processes , stereochemistry, spectroscopy and Food processing

Teaching experience:

  • Working since 2014 as Associate Professor (Chemistry) at Chemical Engineering department. 
  • Worked as lecturer (1985-1987) in R.J. College, Ghatkopar, Mumbai University

Industry experience:

  • Worked as Senior Group Leader (2006-2013) Piramal Enterprises Limited, 1, Nirlon complex, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai. 
  • Worked as Group Leader (2004-2006) Nicholas Piramal Research Centre, 1, Nirlon complex, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East), Mumbai. 
  • Worked as Senior Research Scientist (2001-2004), Quest Institute of Lifesciences, Mulund, Mumbai. 
  • Worked as Assistant Manager (1995-1999), Nicholas Piramal India Ltd., (Formerly, Roche Products Ltd.) Vitamin & Fine Chemicals Division, Balkum, Thane. 
  • Worked as Executive-Organic Synthesis (1994-1995), Sun Pharmaceutical Advanced Research Centre, Akota Road, Baroda.

Administrative roles in the school/University: 

Organizing seminar, workshop, industrial visit and guest lectures for faculties and students developments. Maintaining all department related activities and assets. 

PhD Topic: 

Development of new methodology for Polypeptide Synthesis and its characterization. 

Research Interest:

  • Heavy metals removal from waste water using the low cost adsorbents (nanoparticles and nano composites) from agricultural waste 
  • Creating smart surfaces on metal by grafting method using living polymerization 
  • Organic synthesis and mechanistic investigation for new methods, Multi-component reactions, Heterocyclic chemistry, Asymmetric catalysis, enzymatic resolution, microwaves assisted chemical synthesis
  • Drug discovery chemistry including computer assisted design (structure and ligand based) followed by synthesis of focused compound libraries 
  • Design and development of benign and eco-efficient processes for bulk intermediates, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals

Recent Publications:

  • With Mahesh R. Kulkarni, Madhav S. Mane, Rajiv Sharma, Nitin P. Lad, Ankita Srivastava, Asha Kulkarni-Almeida, Prashant S. Kharkar, Vijay M. Khedkar, Shivaji S. Pandit; European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 134, 7 July 2017, Pages 366-378. Discovery of tetrahydrocarbazoles as dual pERK and pRb inhibitors. 
  • With Smriti Khanna, Chandrika B-Rao, Asha-Almeida , Rajiv Sharma; Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, Volume 6, Issue 4, 2016, 1422-1427 Discriminating between active and inactive compounds using binding energy calculations-a case study. 
  • With K. Bajaj, S. Burudkar, P. Shah, A. Keche, P. Tannu, S. Khanna, A. Srivastava, N. J. Deshmukh, A. Dixit, Y. Ahire, A. Damre, K. V.S. Nemmani, A. Kulkarni-Almeida, C. B-Rao, R. Sharma, H. Sivaramakrishnan, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2013, 23, 834-838; Lead optimization of isocytosine-derived xanthine oxidase inhibitors. 
  • With S. Khanna, S. Burudkar, K. Bajaj, P. Shah, A. Keche, A. Desai, A. Srivastava, A. Kulkarni-Almeida, N. J. Deshmukh, A. Dixit, M. K. Brahma, U. Bahirat, L. Doshi, K.r V.S. Nemmani, P. Tannu, A. Damre, C. B-Rao, R. Sharma, H. Sivaramakrishn, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2012, 22, 7543-7546; Isocytosine-based inhibitors of xanthine oxidase: Design, synthesis, SAR, PK and in vivo efficacy in rat model of hyperuricemia 
  • With C. B-Rao, A. Kulkarni-Almeida, K. V. Katkar, S. Khanna, A. Keche, P. Shah, A. Srivastava, V. Korde, K. V.S. Nemmani, N. J. Deshmukh, A. Dixit, M. K. Brahma, U. Bahirat, L. Doshi, R. Sharma, H. Sivaramakrishnan, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 2012, 20, 2930-2939; Identification of novel isocytosine derivatives as xanthine oxidase inhibitors from a set of virtual screening hits.

Journals: 19

International Conferences: 24 (International – 11, National - 13)

Patents – 05 (PCT Granted) 

Presentations – 5

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