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Ms. Ashwini Gade

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Image processing and Biomedical
B.E. (Electronics & Telecommunication), M. Tech (Electronics & Telecommunication)


Area of Specialization: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Interest Area: Image Processing, Digital Communication.

Teaching experience: 06 years

Patents and Books: Nil

Research and Publication:

Publications – Journals (International - 04)


[1] A. Gade, R.Vig and V. Kulkarni, "Segmentation of Tumor Region in MRI Images of Brain using Mathematical Morphology,” International Journal ofImage Processing, vol.8, issue 3, pp. 95-102, 2014.

[2] R. Vyas, S. Wagh, A. Gade, A. Oza and W. Castelino, "Discrete Triangle Transform based Compression and Communication with Triangular Basis Function,”International Journal of Computer Applications, vol. 93, no. 2, pp. 5-7, 2014.

[3] S.Sarkar and A. Gade, "Smart and Energy Efficient Gesture Controlled Home Automation,” International Journalof Innovative Science Engineeringand Technology, vol. 3, issue 4, pp.1-5, 2016.

[4 ] S. Sarkar and A. Gade, "Vision Based Hand Gesture Recognition Using Skin Detection and morphological Operations,” International Journal of Innovative Researchin Science,vol.5, issue 3, pp. 3542-3548, 2016.

Current Membership or Professional Organizations:Nil



Honours and Awards:Nil




Phone no: 022-45024796


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