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Dr. Avinash Tandle

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Electronics & Telecommunication


Area of Specialization: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Interest Area: Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning 

Teaching experience:  15 years

Patents and Books:

[1] Avinash Lingojirao Tandle, "Musically Evoked Emotions Quantifier System”, Patent application number E-2/245/2020-MUM.

Research and Publication
Publications – Conferences (International – 04) 
Publications – Journals (International - 05)

[1] A Tandle, N Jog, "Classification of artefacts in eeg signal recordings and overview of removing techniques,” 2015 International Journal of Computer Applications, 

[2] A Tandle, N Jog, A Dharmadhikari and S Jaiswal, "Estimation of valence of emotion from musically stimulated EEG using frontal theta asymmetry” 2016 12th International Conference on Natural Computation, Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (ICNC-FSKD)

[3] A Tandle, N Jog, A Dharmadhikari, S Jaiswal and V Sawant, "Study of valence of musical emotions and its laterality evoked by instrumental Indian classical music: an EEG study,” 2016 International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing (ICCSP)

[4] T Avinash, L Dikshant, S Seema , "Methods of Neuromarketing and Implication of the Frontal Theta Asymmetry induced due to musical stimulus as choice modeling,” 2018 Procedia computer science

[5] A Tandle, N Jog,, "NON-INVASIVE MODALITIES OF NEUROCOGNITIVE SCIENCE USED FOR BRAIN MAPPING: A REVIEW,” International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology. vol. 2, issue 11 pp.621-628, 2013.

[6] Avinash Tandle, Nandini Jog, Pancham D’cunha and Monil Chheta, "Classification of artefacts in EEG signal recordings and EOG artefact removal using EOG subtraction,” Communication on  Applied Electronics. vol. 4, pp.12-19, 2016.

[7] AS Dharmadhikari, AL Tandle, SV Jaiswal, VA Sawant, VN Vahia and N Jog, "Frontal theta asymmetry as a biomarker of depression,” East Asian Archives of Psychiatry, vol. 28, issue 1, pp. 17, 2018.

 [8] AL Tandle, MS Joshi, AS Dharmadhikari and SV Jaiswal , "Mental state and emotion detection from musically stimulated EEG” Brain informatics,. vol. 5, issue 2,pp.14, 2018.

[9] Vineet Gangurde, Yash Nemlawala and Avinash Tandle, "Exo Skeleton Arm: Load Bearing Application,” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH, vol.8, issue 1, pp. 87-90, 2019.

Current Membership or Professional Organizations

1.Quarterly Franklin Membership" (Membership ID#YO74930) of London Journals Press (UK)

2.Advisor to Mendley 

Honours and Awards: Nil

E-mail: avinash.tandle

Phone no: 022-45024844

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