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Mr. Kashyap Joshi

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Electronics and telecommunication
B.E., M.Tech


Area of Specialization: Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Interest Area: Robotics, Embedded systems and Underwater Robotics (ROV and AUV)

Teaching experience: 06 years

Patents and Books: Nil

Research and Publication:

Publications – Conferences (International – 02)

Publications – Journals (International - 06)

[1] Presented paper "Secured Wireless Multi Robot Communication for SWARM Robotics using Mobile Applicationin 2018 International Conference on Innovations in Engineering, Technology and Sciences (ICIETS) and will be published in IEEE Explore


[2] H. Verlekar and K. Joshi, "Ant and Bee Inspired foraging Swarm Robots using Computer vision,” In proc. 2017 International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Computer and Optimization Techniques ’17, 2017.


[3] H. Verlekar, H. Gupta and K. Joshi, "Using Brain Computer Interface for Home Automation,”International Journal of EngineeringTrends and Technology, vol. 34, issue 2, pp. 313-315, 2016.


[4] A. Singh Layal, M. Shah, D. Shah and K. Joshi, "Automatic Wireless SCADA System,” International Journal ofEngineering Trends and Technology, vol.34, issue2, pp.81-84, 2016.


[5] J. Joshi, D. BadeandK. Joshi, "Fuzzy Color Histogram BasedContent Based Image Retrieval of QueryImages,” International Journal ofEngineering Trends and Technology,vol.23, issue 6, pp. 421-425, 2016.


[6] K. Joshi, J. Joshi and J. Khanapuri, "Image Enhancement UsingFilter To Adjust Dynamic Range of Pixels,” International Journal of Engineering Trends andTechnology, vol. 4, issue 12, pp. 188-191, 2015.


[7] K. Joshi and V. Gohil, "ARM 7 Based Controller Area Network for Accident Avoidancein Automobiles,” International Journal of Engineering Trends andTechnology, Vol. 9, issue 2, pp. 60-65 , 2014.

[8] K. Joshi and V. Gohil, "Controller Area Network Based Accident Avoidance System,” International Journalof Engineering andAdvanced Technology, vol. 3, issue 3, pp. 143-146, 2014.

Current Membership or Professional Organizations:

1.Member, IET

2.Member, IEEE


Honours and Awards:Nil




Phone no: 022-45024757



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