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Dr. Manoj Sankhe

Professor, Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering,
Coordinator student research group and In-charge - LinkedIn initiative
Ph.D. , M.E. , B.E. (Electronics Engineering)
Specialization: Power Electronics Circuit Design, Biomedical Engineering,IoT


Academic Experience: (Number of Experience: 25 Years)

  • Professor, Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering since June 2007. SVKM’S NMIMS, Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering, Vile Parle (West).
  • Assistant Professor & Head Computer Engineering Department in Vidyavardhini’s College of Engineering & Technology, Vasai Road, (Mumbai University) (Total 9.5 Years).

Non Academic Experience: (Number of Experience: 1.5 Years)

  • Electronics Engineer in Krishna Vinyl’s Limited (Plastic Division) Betegaon, Boiser (E).
  • Trainee Engineer in JBF Industries Limited (Poy Division), Athola, Silvassa.

Number of PhD Students Guided:

  • Number of Ph. D. Students Guided:02 Completed and 05 in progress
  • Number of Post-Graduate Students Guided (M. Tech/ME): 12


  •  Life Member, ISTE

Service Activities (Within Organization)

  • Coordinator Student Research Group
  • In-charge - LinkedIn initiative
  • Member of Board of studies for Electronics, EXTC & Electrical Department


  • Received "Best Faculty ’’ award from the auspious hands of Dr. Sekar Basu, Director BARC and Dr. Rajan Saxena, Vice  Chancellor, NMIMS, in SVKM’S NMIMS, Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering, Convocation, 8th August 2015 for the academic year 2014-2015.
  •  Awarded the "Best Concept Note” by Health Tech Innovations 2015 Conference organized by SAMEER, IIT Bombay under the aegis of DeitY in Technical Collaboration with NHSRC & ICMR.
  • The Concept Note: 'Assessment of fetal autonomic nervous system activity by abdominal Doppler ultrasound recordings', submitted  & presented by me  has been awarded as Best Concept note  under  the theme Technology Innovations in Diagnostic / Prognostic , Health Tech  Innovations – 2015 Conference, organised by  Society Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research (SAMEER), IIT Bombay under the aegis of Department of Electronics and Information Technology , Government of India in technical collaboration with National Health Systems Resource Center (NHSRC) & Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). About HealthTech Innovations 2015 Confernce (details available on ).
  • Paper titled "A Comparison and Quantification of  Fetal Heart Rate Variability using  Doppler Ultrasound and Direct Electrocardiography Acquisition Techniques has been selected as Third best paper & uploaded at IEEEXplore in ICATE 2013 conference organized by MPSTME, NMIMS University. 
  • Awarded first prize for meritorious performance in the teaching competition on Teacher’s Day (5th September , 2001) conducted by Shri Sant Gajanan College of Engineering, Shegaon.
  • Article on the topic "Design of a High Voltage Power Supply Circuit   & its Simulation” has been published in  the magazine "Electrical India" July 2013 issue.

Journal Publications (Selected)

  • Manoj S. Sankhe, Kamalakar D. Desai and Mohan A. Gadam" An Estimate of Fetal Autonomic State by Time Spectral and Nonlinear Analysis of Fetal Heart Rate Variability” International Journal of Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications (IJCISIM), Volume 8, (2016) pp.312-325. (Scopus Q4).
  • P. Kanikar, M. Sankhe, D. Patkar,” Volume Estimation from Brain Magnetic Resonance Images using Gradient Filters”, NeuroQuantology 20 (10), 9477-9487. (2020)  (Scopus Q3).
  • P. R. Kharote, M. S. Sankhe and D. Patkar, "Automated detection and grading of prostate cancer in Multiparametric MRI,” paper is accepted in International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology. ISSN online 1752-6426 ISSN print 1752-6418. (2020) (Scopus Q3).
  • Mohan Selokar, Manoj Sankhe),”Implementation of ANN based closed loop Multilevel Inverter”, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering 6(3), pp.1707-1712. (2021) (Scopus Q4).
  • Mohan S. Selokar, Manoj Sankhe, "Application of  adaptive learning algorithms for reduction of THD in nine level closed loop multilevel inverter,” International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Research, (2022) (Scopus Q3).
  • Archana Ingle, Mani Roja, Manoj Sankhe, Deepak Patkar, "Efficient segmentation and classification of the tumor  using improved encoder-decoder architecture in brain MRI image", International  Journal of  Electrical and  computer Engineering  Systems,  Volume 13, Number 8, 2022, Pages 611 - 728. (Scopus Q4).
  • P. R. Kharote, M. S. Sankhe and D. Patkar, "Computer Aided Prostate Segmentation of Multiparametric MR Images Using Latent Features," paper is Published in International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(06), 6697 - 6708.ISSN: 2005-4238 (Print) ISSN: 2207-6360 (Online) Publisher: Science and Engineering Research Support Society. (2020)
  • M. Selokar and M.  Sankhe, "Harmonic Minimization in Multilevel Converter Using an Adaptive Learning Algorithm”, International Journal of Engineering and Applied Physics, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 311–318, Sep. 2021. (Peer reviewed, Google scholar).
  • Baraniya Shailendra & Sankhe Manoj, "Improving Voltage Stability through Demand Side Load Management”,  International Journal of Electronics Engineering , April 2019, pp. 479-488.
  • Baraniya, S. and Sankhe, M., "Consumer Co-operation in Demand Side Load Management; an assessment. International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Sc. & Communication Engineering (IJFRSCE), 3(8), 2017, pp.164-171.

Conference Publication: (Selected)

  • P. R. Kharote, M. S. Sankhe and D. Patkar, "Automatic Segmentation of Prostate from Multiparametric MR Images Using Hidden Features and Deformable Model," TENCON 2019 - 2019 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), Kochi, India, 2019, pp. 338-343, doi: 10.1109/TENCON.2019.8929686.
  • P. R. Kharote, M. S. Sankhe and D. Patkar, "Prostate Segmentation and Tumor Detection from MR Images Using Latent Features," 2019 IEEE 16th India Council International Conference (INDICON), Rajkot, India, 2019, pp. 1-4, doi: 10.1109/INDICON47234.2019.9030316.
  • Desai K.D. and Sankhe  M.S, "Automatic Correlations of fetal cardiac sympathetic activity with maternal body mass index," Annual IEEE India Conference INDICON 2013 (pp. 1-6). IEEE.
  • Desai K.D., Jadhav S.D. and Sankhe M.S. , "A comparison and quantification of fetal heart rate variability using Doppler ultrasound and direct electrocardiography acquisition techniques," International Conference on Advances in Technology and Engineering (ICATE), January 2013(pp. 1-8). IEEE.
  • Desai, K.D. and Sankhe, M.S. , "A real-time fetal ECG feature extraction using multiscale discrete wavelet transform," 5th international conference on biomedical engineering and informatics, 2012 (pp. 407-412), IEEE.
  • Manoj S. Sankhe, K. D. Desai,"An Estimate of Fetal Autonomic State by Time-Frequency Analysis of Fetal Heart Rate Variability Using NI LabVIEW” NIDays 2015, Conference, Banglore, India.
  • Tawde R., Nivangune, A. and Sankhe M. , "Cyber security in smart grid SCADA automation systems," International Conference on Innovations in Information, Embedded and Communication Systems,ICIIECS, 2015 (pp. 1-5). IEEE.
  • Baraniya S. and Sankhe M. , "Demand side load management, and its impact on bus parameters," IEEMA Engineer Infinite Conference (eTechNxT)2018 (pp. 1-6). IEEE.
  • Archana Ingle, Mani Roja, Manoj Sankhe, Deepak Patkar, "Efficient Segmentation of Tumor with Convolutional Neural Network in brain MRI images", 3rd  Congress on Intelligent System (CIS), Sept. 05-06, 2022. 
  • M. S. Selokar and M. Sankhe, "A Dynamical Control in Multilevel Converter Using an Adaptive Learning Algorithm,"  International Conference on Smart Electronics and Communication (ICOSEC), Trichy, India, 2020, pp. 1333-1338.IEEE.

Articles published in book series

  • Sankhe, M.S. and Desai, K.D. , " Fetal heart rate variability: Multiple regression models using autoregressive analysis and fast Fourier transform," Proceedings of the 6th  International Conference on Innovations in Bio-Inspired Computing and Applications, IBICA 2015, Book Series, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, (pp. 447-462). Springer.
  • Baraniya, S. and Sankhe, M., "Demand-Side Load Management for Peak Shaving,"  In Intelligent Computing Techniques for Smart Energy Systems, 2020, (pp. 525-534). Springer, Singapore.

Copyrights and Patents

  • Indian Patent: Novel Technique for Assessment of Fetal Autonomic Nervous System Activity from Doppler Ultrasound Signal. (Patent number: 2474/MUM/2015), Status: Granted (December 10, 2021).

Research Collaboration and Consultancy:

  • Consultancy project with Tumor Trace Ltd, United Kingdom.
    • Worked successfully in the development and improvement of a Tumour Trace device, a low cost and a portable tumour detection machine, which runs on Raspberry Pi. (March 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016).
  • Consultancy project with JDR consultancy, France
    • The project consists of web development and application development for companies in different categories.
  • Collaborative Research Projects with Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai & SVKM’S NMIMS, MPSTME, Vile-Parle
    • Automated Analysis and Evaluation of Tumor Grade of Prostate Cancer using Multi-parametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
    • Estimation of Brain Volume for Dementia Patients using MRI Data.
    • Analysis of Clinical Data of Brain FMRI Image for the Diagnosis of Brain Disorder.
    • Analysis of FMRI data to determine and map eloquent cortex in patients with brain tumours.
    • AI based parotid contouring for radiotherapy for head and neck cancers.
    • AI based left anterior descending artery contouring for radiotherapy treatment for left breast cancer.
    • AI based Hippocampal sparing for the whole brain.
  • Collaborative Research Projects with SAMEER, IIT Bombay
    • Wearable Microwave Antenna Array for Breast Tumour.
    • 3D Rice System Development
  • Collaborative Research Projects with Databyte Services and Systems, Mumbai
    • Power Bank
    • Photomaster
  • Collaborative Research Projects with Azure Knowledge Corporation, US
    • Webcam Based Gesture Detection and Recognition
  • Collaborative Research Projects with Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, Mumbai, India
    • Reliance Jio's 5G Technology in India-its implementation, impact and applications.
    • Use of AI in setting up of 5G architecture.

Academic Profiles:


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