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Dr. Pravin D. Patil

Assistant Professor

Department of Basic Sci. & Humanities
Qualification: Ph.D. (Tech.), M. Tech., B. Tech.
Specialization: Environmental Biotechnology | Bioprocess Technology


Academic Experience: 02 years

Industry Experience: 02 years

Research Articles: 09

Book Chapters: 12

Invited Talks: 07



  • Ph.D. (Tech.) in Green Technology | Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, 2012 - 2018
  • M. Tech. in Biotechnology | SRM University, Chennai, 2008 - 2010
  • B. Tech. in Biotechnology | Bio-engineering Research Center, RFC Navi Mumbai, 2004 - 2008


Academic Experience

  • Assistant Professor | Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering, Mumbai (Sep 2020 to till date)
  • Assistant Professor | Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur (Oct 2018 to Sep 2020)


Academic/Research Activities

  • Expert speaker | AICTE sponsored Online Short-Term Training Program (STTP) on "Biotechnology and its application in tribal agriculture areas' from (23rd to 28th Nov, 2020).
  • Active role in NBA (Jan 2019) and NAAC (June 2019) Accreditation | Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur.
  • Operator-In-charge of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) | Advanced Lab, Dept of Chemical Engineering, ICT Mumbai (Jun 2013 – Aug 2015).
  • Mentor | For B. Tech students from NITs and IIT-BHU during summer internships at ICT Mumbai.
  • Reviewer | Process Biochemistry (Elsevier), Preparative Biochemistry & Biotechnology (Taylor and Francis), ChemBioChem (Wiley), and Scientific Reports (Nature).


Honors and Awards

  • Qualified GATE-Biotechnology
  • Best Elsevier Poster Presentation Award at ICCB 2016 | Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore.
  • JRF- UGC SAP Meritorious Fellowship, UGC, India, Dec 2012- Dec 2014.
  • SRF- UGC SAP Meritorious Fellowship, UGC, India, Jan 2015- Jan 2018.


  • BIRAC certification on Bio-entrepreneurship Grant writing & intellectual property management at IIT Bombay, Mumbai (2017).
  • IB01x: Industrial biotechnology course (Organized by Delft University of Technology, Netherland | edX) (2016).
  • Certification on Laboratory safety organized by TEQIP and ICT Mumbai (2015).
  • Finishing school cum training Program on "Preparative Processing and analysis of Bio/Pharmaceuticals” sponsored by TEQIP at ICT Mumbai (2015).


Memberships of Professional bodies:

  • Life member of Biotechnology Research Society of India (BRSI) since 2014.
  • Life member of International Bioprocessing Association | International forum on industrial bioprocesses (IBA-IFIBIOP) since 2017.

Research Interest:

  • Biomass conversion | Fermentation technology | Molecular biology | Environmental engineering | Nanotechnology | Metal organic frameworks.

PhD Topic:

  • Microbial Assisted Valorization of Kraft Lignin: Use of White-Rot Fungi and Laccases

Recent Publications

Research Articles

  1. S. Nadar, P. D. Patil, N. Rohra; Magnetic nanobiocatalyst for extraction of bioactive ingredients: A novel approach, Trends in Food Science & Technology (2020) [Impact factor: 11.07 | Elsevier].
  2. P. D. Patil, S. P. Patil, R. K. Kelkar, N. P. Patil, P. V. Pise, S. S. Nadar; Enzyme assisted supercritical fluid extraction: An integral approach to extract bioactive compounds, Trends in Food Science & Technology (2020) [In Press, Impact factor: 11.07 | Elsevier].
  3. S. Nadar, P. D. Patil, D. J. Ahirrao, M.S. Tiwari; Enzyme embedded microfluidic paper−based analytic device (μPAD): A comprehensive review (In Press, Impact factor: 8.1 | Critical Reviews in Biotechnology, Taylor & Francis].
  4. P. D. Patil, G. D. Yadav; Exploring the untapped potential of solar pretreatment for deconstruction of recalcitrant Kraft lignin (KL) in fungal biotransformation, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy (2018) pp 1–12 [Impact factor: 2.4 | Springer].
  5. P. D. Patil, G. D. Yadav; Application of microwave assisted three phase partitioning method for purification of laccase from Trametes hirsuta. Process Biochemistry (2017) vol: 65 pp: 220-227 [Impact factor: 3.0 | Elsevier].
  6. P. D. Patil, G. D. Yadav; Rapid in Situ Encapsulation of Laccase into Metal-Organic Framework Support (ZIF-8) under Biocompatible Conditions, ChemistrySelect (2018) 3, 4669-4675 [Impact factor: 1.8 | Wiley].
  7. P. D. Patil, G. D. Yadav; Comparative Studies of White-rot Fungal Strains (Trametes hirsuta MTCC-1171 and Phanerochaete chrysosporium NCIM-1106) for Effective Degradation and Bioconversion of Ferulic Acid, ACS Omega (2018) 3, 11, 14858-14868 [Impact factor: 2.9 | ACS].
  8. W. Gabhane, V. P. Bhange; P. D. Patil; S. T. Bankar; S. Kumar; Recent trends in biochar production methods and its application as a soil health conditioner: a review, SN Applied Sciences (2020) 2, 1307 [Springer Nature].
  9. T. Marghade, D. B. Malpe, K. Duraisamy, P. D. Patil, P. Li, Hydro-geochemical evaluation and suitability assessment of groundwater using entropy weight & irrigation water quality index in the watershed of Godavari basin, Maharashtra, Central India, Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2020) [Impact factor: 3.06 | Springer].


Book Chapters (Published | In Press)                                                  


  1. P. D. Patil*, K. N. Nagula, M. S. Tiwari; Sonochemical protocol for biocatalysis, Book Title: Green Sustainable Process for Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Science: Sonochemical Organic Synthesis [Elsevier | ISBN: 978-0-12-819540-6].
  2. N. Ghosh, P. D. Patil, R. D. Kitture; Physically responsive nanostructures in cancer theranostics, Book Title: External Field and Radiation Stimulated Breast Cancer Nanotheranostics [IOPScience IOP Publishing, UK | ISBN: 978-0-7503-2416-8].
  3. S. Tiwari, P. D. Patil*, G. P. Deshmukh; Antimicrobial magnetic nanoparticles, Book Title: Advanced antimicrobial materials and applications [Springer, Singapore | ISBN: 978-981-15-7098-8].
  4. P. D. Patil*, S. S. Nadar, D. T. Marghade, Photoenzymatic green synthesis, Book Title: Advances in green synthesis: avenues and sustainability [In press, Springer, UK].
  5. R. Ladole, S. S. Patil, P. M. Paraskar, P. B. Pokale, P. D. Patil*; Desalination using electrodialysis, Book Title: Sustainable materials and system for water desalination [In press, Springer, UK].
  6. P. D. Patil*, A. D. Chahande, D. T. Marghade, V. P. Bhange, M. S. Tiwari; Enzymatic CO2 conversion, Book Title: Carbon dioxide utilization to sustainable energy and fuels [In press, Springer, UK].
  7. P. D. Patil*, M. S. Tiwari, V. P. Bhange, D. T. Marghade, S. Kumaran; Bioconversion of lignocellulosic residues into hydrogen, Book Title: Bioconversion of waste to value-added products [In press, Springer, UK].
  8. T. Marghade, A. D. Chahande, M. S. Tiwari, P. D. Patil*; Microbial degradation of xenobiotic compounds, Book Title: Recent Advances in Microbial Degradation [In press, Springer, UK].
  9. P. D. Patil*, M. S. Tiwari, V. P. Bhange; Biodegradable plastics from renewable raw materials, Book Title: Degradation of plastic [In press, Materials Research Forum LLC., USA].
  10. P. D. Singu, K. N. Nagula, P. D. Patil*, M. S. Tiwari; The role of microbes in plastic degradation, Book Title: Degradation of plastic; part 2 [In press, Materials Research Forum LLC., USA].
  11. Mallick, P. D. Patil*, M. S. Tiwari, P. Kane, D. Khonde; Green and sustainable methods for dye degradation employing photocatalytic materials, Book Title: Photocatalytic degradation of dyes: current trends and future [In press, Elsevier].
  12. S. Nadar; S. P. Patil; R. K. Kelkar; N. P. Patil; P. V. Pise; M. S. Tiwari, P. D. Patil*; Nanobiomaterials for Bioimaging, Book Title: Nanotechnology in Medicine and Biology [In press, Elsevier].


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