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Dr. Vineet Panchal

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Solid state Electronics
B.E., M.Tech, PhD


Area of Specialization: Nanomaterials

Interest Area: Nanotechnology, Solid State Electronics, Plasma processing and Materials for Energy Applications

Teaching experience: 06 years

Patents and Books: Nil

Research and Publication:

Publications – Conferences (International – 02)

Publications – Journals (International - 04)

[1] V Panchal, U.Bhandarkar, M.Neergat, and K.G.Suresh, "Synthesis of iron oxidenanoparticles from iron acetylacetonate and cyclopentadienyliron dicardonyl dimer in low pressure plasma- Effect of plasma parameters on morphology and magnetic properties," International Journal of Nanoscience, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 1550004-12pages, Apr.2015.

[2] V. Panchal, G. Lohoti, U. Bhandarkar, M. Neergat, "The effect of process parameters on yield and properties of iron nanoparticles from ferrocene in low pressure plasma”, Journal of Physics D:Applied Physics, vol. 44, 345206(9 pages), Aug. 2011.

[3] V. Panchal, M. Neergat, U. Bhandarkar, "Synthesis and characterization of carbon coated nanoparticles produced by a continuous low pressure plasma process”, Journal of Nanoparticle Research, vol. 13, pp. 3285-3833. Mar. 2011

[4] V Panchal, U.Bhandarkar, M.Neergat, and K.G.Suresh, "Controlling magnetic properties of iron oxide nanoparticles using post synthesis thermal treatment," Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing, vol. 114, no. 2, pp. 537-544, Jan.2013.

[5] V. Panchal, G. Lahoti, P. Apte, U. Bhandarkar, M. Neergat, "Effect of process parameters on the synthesis of iron nanoparticles using a low pressure plasma”, in Proc. Of the International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT) 2011, Materials Research Society- Singapore, June 2011, pp. 62-63.

[6] V. Panchal, U. Bhandarkar, M. Neergat, "The study of magnetic properties of annealed iron nanoparticles synthesized using low pressure plasma”, in Proc. Of the , International Conference and Workshop on Nanostructured Ceramics and other Nanomaterials (ICWNCN) 2012, University of Delhi, March 2012, pp. 305-306.


Invited Talk

[1] V. Panchal "Nanoengineered particle synthesis in low pressure plasma” presented in Short Term Training Program on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology:Fundamentals, Synthesis and Applications, Sardar Patel College of Engineering, 2-7 January 2017

[2] V. Panchal "Nanoparticles” presented in Short Term Training Program on Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems and Mechatronics, Fr. C. Rodrigues Institute of Technology, 5th January 2018

Current Membership or Professional Organizations:Nil


Honours and Awards:Nil




Phone no: 022-42334037



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