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This event is designed to provide an opportunity for the students to interact with several knowledgeable professionals about a specific issue or topic, present information and discuss personal views on the same. It may help the delegates further clarify and evaluate their positions regarding specific issues or topics being discussed and increase their understanding on others’ position.

To summarize, our seminar intends to achieve the following goals:

Provide a dynamic platform of exchange on current affairs issues vital to India and the world. 
Foster Long term relationships among the young delegates from across different academic domains. 
Connect talented delegates with some of today’s leaders in academia, business and the government.

Topic of the Seminar

Our topic for the seminar is going to be:

"Fintech – Changing landscape in Financial Services”

What is FinTech?

Organized financial services are the lifeline of any country’s economy. With the advent of new technology of fast data access, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Internet of things and cloud computing etc., the processes in banking and other financial services involving the investment, lending, and management of money and assets are turning a new leaf.

Innovation in otherwise traditional & structured Accounting and financial systems has come about in the form of new financial technologies commonly nicknamed the Fintech. While we talk of one of the most famous examples of Fintech - the Blockchain - a secured distributed ledger as an architecture that can record transactions between two parties, or move money efficiently, or to accurately authenticate a customer’s identity, the success of the architecture will depend upon how the various banks and other businesses use the power of the distributed ledger most effectively, by creating their own use-cases and deploying the application.

Who uses FinTech?

FinTech has broadly entered the banking, insurance and financial services industry in B2B, B2C and C2C flavors. Trends toward mobile banking, increased information, data and more accurate analytics and decentralization of access will create opportunities for all four groups to interact in many unprecedented ways. The possibilities are endless and is progressively changing the finance industry as we know it.

What do we desire to learn from you?

As our panelists would hail from the diverse segments from the vast expanse of the finance industry, we are eager to learn and get acquainted regarding how FinTech has been changing their institution’s/companies’ functioning over the years. How has it impacted their job role, performance, and profitability, capacity, opened up new opportunities etc. and what future implications can it have in their line of business? We are also eager to know about the negative effects of FinTech on the industry in terms of job cuts and increased operational and security risks if the panelists are open to share the same with us.

In our context of the MBA(Tech.) program, it is a golden opportunity for the students to ride on this new wave, which will most effectively use their technology application skills to the domain of Finance. This unique competency the MBA(Tech.) students would differentiate them from other finance specialization students and can carve out a niche for themselves in the BFSI industry. With this aim in mind and to begin to understand the nuances and vision of the Fintech applications for the future in various organizations, we have organised a seminar on the topic:


"Fintech: Changing landscape in financial services"

Details & Structure of Event

• Duration of the Event: Approximately 2 hours (80 mins Discussion + 30 mins Q&A Session). 
• Date: 18th March 2017 (Saturday) 
• Event Venue: NMIMS – New University Building, Opp. Mithibhai College, V. L. Mehta Road, Juhu, Mumbai-400056 
• Timings: 11 am onwards. 
• The event may be covered by a media house(s).

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