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Outstanding research outputs by faculty and students are protected by filing for Intellectual Property. The college has filed many copyrights and patents of both students and faculties. All the project reports of the students are protected by copyright support extended by the institution. For every invention idea can be patented and is a benchmark for the institution to indicate the depth of research. Institute has a long record of patent applications. The college has in house IPR cell for all these activities.

The list of patents and Trademark are as follows:

  • Prathamesh Churi,(Patent Number- 6285566), Artificial intelligence based skin diseases detection medical device, (Filed/Granted- June 2023)
  • Dr. Bhushankumar P Nemade, (Patent Number- 6288561), Intelligent Waste Collector Bin, (File/granted- June 2023)
  • Dr Arti Hadap, Dr Vishal Ramchandrarao Panse, dr Jagdish Wasudeorao Bakal, Miss Parinidhi Singh, Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh, Dr B.K. Sarkar (Patent Number-6275306), Intelligent UV Light Sensor Device, (Filed/granted -April 2023)
  • D.S.S Sudhakar, Bhushan Tryambak Patil, Dipali Bhise, Saurabh Korgaonkar, Zoya Rizvi, ,(Patent Number- 384499-001), 3D Printed and Flexible Artificial Mechanical Heart using Pneumatic Actuation for Hemodynamic Analysis, (Filed/granted -April 2023)
  • Dr. Soni Sweta,(Patent Number- 377682-001), Iot Based Smart Cholesterol Monitoring Device, (Filed/Granted- March 2023)
  • Dr.Meenal Mategaonkar, (Patent Number- 202221071090), A Disaster Resilient Automatic Barricade System, (Filed/Granted- December 2022)
  • Chetna Sharma, (Patent Number- 340352-001), Microscope/ Optical Article To Study Fractal Formation On Curved Surfaces In Lifting Plate Hele-Shaw Flow, (Filed/Granted- December 2022)
  • Dr. Rachit Garg, (Patent Number- 356427), A smart device to monitor the customers Expressions in malls to analyse their interests, (Filed/Granted- November 2022)
  • Dr.Meenal Mategaonkar, (Patent Number- 202221060222), An Automated Flood Water Regulating Multipurpose System To Harvest Overflow Of Water Bodies And Generate Electricity Simultaneously, (Filed/Granted- October 2022)
  • Abira Mukherjee, Dr. Asha Ingle, (Patent Number- 202221037671 A), An Automated Non-Destructive Testing Surface Defect Identification System, (Filed/Granted- July 2022)
  • Dr. Ketakee Durve, Dr. Geetanjali Ashtekar, (Patent Number- IN408941),Process for the preparation of composite oxidant, (Filed/Granted- October 2022)
  • Nirmal Dayalsingh Thakur, (Patent Number- 375891-001), Protective Helmet with AR-VR training Facility, (Filed/Granted- January 2022)
  • Abhishek Priyam,Prakhar Jindal,Pritesh Gulhane, (Patent Number- 202111011074), Reduction In Workpiece Setting Time And Increase Productivity Using fixture, (Filed/Granted- January 2022)
  • Dr. Gaurav Vishnu Londhe (Patent Number - 347763-001), A smart desk device to minitor and analyze the productivity of employee trackjng activities and using Iot and Machine learning, (File/Granted- August 2021)
  • Dattatray Sawant (Patent Number – 349051001), Omni -Directional Spherical Robot,  (Filed/Granted-September 2021)
  • Dr. Rachit Garg(Patent Number-  2021105733), A Method For Early Prediction Of Diabetes Utilizing A Naïve Bayes Algorithm-Based Classification Modela Method For Early Prediction Of Diabetes Utilizing A Naïve Bayes Algorithm-Based Classification Model, (File/Granted- November 2021)
  • Dr. Payal B. Joshi(Patent Number - 202121000000), A Crop health monitoring system using machine learning, (File/Granted- December 2021)
  • Dr. Manoj Sakharam Sankhe(Patent Number- 2474/MUM/2015), A Novel Technique for Assessment of Fetal Autonomic Nervous System Activity from Doppler Ultrasound Signal, (File/granted- December 2021)
  • Sawankumar Naik, Dr. Girish Bagale (Patent Number- ), Cotton Picker and Boom Sprayer Machine (Filed/granted -January 2020)
  • Dr. Tusharika Banerjee, Dr Arti Hadap (Patent Number- 202221000000), Advanced Vacuum electron tubes to get higher output power (Filed/Granted- February 2022)
  • Dr. Mahesh Naik (Patent Number- 202221000000), Facial Emotion Detection Using Semi-Supervised Modifiedself Organizing Feature Map Neural Network Method(Filed/granted- May/June 2022)
  • Vijay Raisinghani and Prof. Shitalkumar Jain (Patent number- 201821008190), an apparatus and method on energy efficient routing in Mobile Adhoc Network MANET by using Load equilibrium Neighbour Aware Routing (LUNAR) (Filed/granted- 2020)
  • Ketakee Durve and Dr. Geetanjali Ashtekar (Patent number- 202021000000), Process for the Preparation of Composite Oxidant (Filed/granted -23rd January 2020)
  • Vikram Kulkarni (Patent number -202011000000), Analysis of satellite images for cartographic applications using fusion algorithms (Filed/granted - February 2020)
  • Avinash Tandle (patent number- 202021000000), Musically Evoked Emotions Quantifier System (Filed/granted -1st January 2020)     
  • Ramachandra Hegde (Patent number- 320706001), Design Application, (Filed/granted- June 2020)
  • Ramachandra Hegde, Trade Mark no 4261696, Trade Mark, Certificate Issued (9-8-2019) 21-2-2020
  • Ramachandra Hegde (Patent number- 201921027374 A), Compression Testing Equipment for Testing Model Piles, (May 2020)
  • Ramachandra Hegde (Patent number- 201921027375 A), Multi-Purpose Testing Equipment for Testing Model Piles (Filed/granted- May 2020)
  • Nikhil Gala ,Priya Dutta (Patent number- 201921000000) Braille Display for Haptic Vision Implementation December (Filed/granted- 2019)
  • Manjusha Joshi and Debashree Bhattacharya , (Patent number- R201721025373), Technique to reduce mutual coupling loss in microstrip antenna in 3-11 Ghz frequency band.’ , (Filed/granted- July 2018)
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