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Institute has rich variety of research areas in all the streams of Basic Sciences, Engineering and Management. Every department has different domain experts who are guiding projects in their areas of interest. Totally, thirty-seven research guides in different areas are available in the institute constituting a very vivid research domain.

  • Alka Mahajan- Electronic design Technology and soft computing
  • Vijay Raisinghani- IP protocol stacks
  • Dr Anuja Agarwal- Innovation, Design Thinking and Innovation Management, New Product Development
  • Asha Ingle- Materials Engineering
  • Archana Bhise- Signal Processing, Wireless communication
  • Vaishali Kulkarni- Networking, Signal Processing
  • Tanuja Bandivadekar- Structural Engineering
  • Dhirendra Mishra- Image Processing- Image Database, Pattern matching, Image/Data Mining, Biometrics, Storage Technologies, Data Analytics
  • Ketan Shah- Data Mining
  • V. R. Lakshmigorty- Integral Transforms and Special functions
  • R. A. Hegde- Geotechnical Engineering
  • Shirish Vichare- Structural Engineering
  • Meenal Mategaonkar- Water Resource Engineering
  • Ravi Terkar- Production Engineering
  • Dr Manoj Sankhe- Electronics Circuit Design, Biomedical Electronics, Optical Networks
  • Seema Shah- Distributed Computing
  • Jigisha Vashi- Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
  • Pravin Shrinath- Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence
  • Dr Manjusha Joshi- Biomedical signal processing, Neural network
  • Rajesh Patil- Thermal Engineering
  • Prachi Natu- Image Processing
  • Basant Kumar Mohanty- Algorithm and Architecture for digital signal processing applications, Approximate computation, ASIC and FPGA implementation, Smart sensor and Healthcare.
  • U Ragavendran- Wireless Networks Micro Electronics
  • Nitin Choubey- Machine Learning, Soft Computing
  • K. K. Gupta- Thermal Engineering, I C Engine, Bio fuels, Nano fluids and materials, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning , Phase change materials etc.
  • R. K. Rambola- Data Base Management System (DBMS), Data Mining, Data Science, Data Warehouse, Business Analytics and Software Engineering
  • G Swapna- Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Methods, Finite Element Method, Micropolar Fluids
  • Aaquil Bunglowala
  • Preeja Babu- Machine learning:-Support Vector Machines, Deep Neural Networks, Power quality analytics:-wavelet
  • Avinash More- Sensor Networks, Embedded System
  • Minirani S.- Mathematics
  • Dr Rakesh Chaudhari- Materials characterization and testing, Advanced manufacturing processes, Metal forming, Welding, Additive manufacturing, Design and Optimization, Biomaterials and medical implants
  • Dasika Chaitanya- NITIE, Human Resource Management
  • Nikhlesh Kumar Sharma
  • Padmanabha Aital- Operations Management, Operations Strategy, Project Management, Logistics & Supply chain Management, Total Quality Management & Six Sigma methodologies, Lean
  • Abhay Kumar- Financial Risk Management
  • Ushma Ahuja- Power System, Photovoltaic, Artificial Intelligence Techniques, Engineering of novel materials for use in solar cells, Renewable energy
  • Ajay N Phirke- Material Science
  • Usha Ghosh- API synthesis and mechanistic investigation for new methods, Multi-component reactions, enzymatic resolution, microwaves assisted chemical synthesis
  • Kuntal Chakrabarti- Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
  • Niketa Trivedi- Inventory Models
  • S. Nagalakshmi- Algebraic Graph Theory, Lattice theory
  • Shilpa D’Cunha- Integral Transforms
  • Sheetal Gonsalves- finite element method, nanofluids
  • Heena Rohit Shevde- Materials science, condensed matter physics, material characterization using machine learning, education technology
  • Vinita Khatri- Dielectric study
  • Tista Basak- Condensed matter Physics
  • Pallavi Nimbalwar- Communication Theory, Neuro Linguitic Programming, Digital communication, Deconstruction as a critical tool
  • Keerti Saxena- English Language Teaching (ELT), Film Analysis
  • Dipti Kulkarni- Social and Literary Writing, Education, Communication and Language
  • Geetanjali Ashtekar- catalysis, synthesis, surfactants and related work
  • Chandan Maitrani- General, Organic, Bio-organic Chemistry
  • Payal Joshi- Exergy analyses, green chemical reactions
  • Abhinaba Gupta- Polymer, Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry
  • Ketakee Durve- catalysis, green chemistry, intellectual property
  • Sanket Gudekar- catalysis, synthesis
  • Sudarsana Sarkar- Literature and Cultural Studies, Human Development and Industrial Relations


PhD awarded

Academic research rightfully deserves high esteem since it is not driven by any commercial interest. Research Scholars from different departments are in pursuit of academic research. The institute, since it’s inception has come a long way in research. There are a large number of PhD alumni who have excelled in their professional career owing to the PhD from the institute. They have developed an aptitude for research with the exposure MPSTME has offered, during the course of PhD study. The fulfilment of the students who have been awarded a degree can be the benchmark that highlights what the institute if offering to the students.

Institute since it’s inception has awarded PhD degrees to 76.


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