Alumni Interview

Harsh Chamaria

In conversation with Harsh Chamaria

Harsh Chamaria, currently the Director of his self founded company, Arin Wood Products Pvt. Ltd., deeply values the intense learning and relationships he forged during his four years with MPSTME. He was the Joint General Secretary of Students Council and Founding Member of B. Tech. Placement Cell.

Read below to know his continued association with the institute.

It gives me great pleasure to be part of the first edition of our Alumni e-newsletter. Closely integrated with the Alumni website, this periodical  e-newsletter is yet another channel to stay connected with all friends, alumni and our alma mater SVKM`s NMIMS MPSTME . Featuring a wide range of interesting content, it will allow us to learn more about other alumni, upcoming alumni network initiatives, most recent updates about MPSTME.

Over 3 years, our institute had a lot of tie-ups with the industry and corporate sector, wherein we have an “Accenture innovation centre” and  “Bosch R&D centre” at MPSTME premises. Apart from this, there have been a lot many international tie-ups for Research & Development. I was overwhelmed  to know  this about the institute. This newsletter would be a great way to know more about the institute and other alumni, spread across the world.

This section will always include interviews with some of our distinguished alumni, allowing us to learn more about them as they share interesting anecdotes from their stint at MPSTME and what keeps them engaged currently.

Alumni Network is an integral part of an organization and best way to remain connected.  With well over 500 alumni already registered, the Alumni network has grown steadily. I am confident we will continue to attract many more of our former friends to join the network and encourage you to refer other alumni who you might be in touch with, to register for the network.

Harsh Chamaria