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Prasun K. Agarwal
Founder - Gaia Smart Cities
Batch: 2009 – Chemical – Operations

"MPSTME provides young students an opportunity to undergo holistic development. A student excels not only in academics but also at the social and personal front. MBA (Tech) course, an innovation of NMIMS MPSTME, prepares students for the demands of a successful professional career be it working in the private sector, public sector, family business or becoming an entrepreneur.”

Angad Singhania
Vice President -Equity Structured Derivatives, Barclays
Batch 2010 - Electronics & Telecommunication - Finance
"The MBA Tech course helped us to be prepared to take on newer challenges on a regular basis and adapt according to any given situation. In our roles we do not directly use the technology and management lessons learnt in college, but those have helped us to quickly learn new things which are required to be successful in the VUCA environment. In the last 9 years, I have worked with three companies in variety of different roles. Currently I am working as a Vice President in an investment bank and leading the equity structuring team”

Aditya Kaushik
TMT Investment Banking Associate - Jefferies – London
Batch 2012 – Electronics & Telecommunication – Finance
"As an engineering student, I endeavoured to do justice to my technology education and my efforts were driven by the thought of making good the 3.5 years of time spent studying technology. However, being professionally interested in the financial markets and corporate finance, I undertook core financial subjects as my electives post my internship. At MPSTME, I had the privilege of studying under commendable teachers who helped me expand my knowledge horizon significantly. The business valuation knowledge gained during my stint at my first company Aranca coupled with the NMIMS brand name helped me land my current role of an analyst in the energy investment banking team at Goldman..”

Janak Jain
Senior Analytics Fellow - McKinsey & Company
Batch 2014 – IT – Marketing
"How MBA Tech Course has helped you to achieve at greater heights?” One of the strongest features of this program is its curriculum - it gives you the opportunity to have about 10 months of internship experience with two degrees in 5 years creating some of the youngest techno-managers in the country. In my case, after completion of the program, I was in a position to pursue a Masters in Data Science despite having worked in insights and consulting without any industry coding experience because the program had me cover a lot of ground.”

Rishabh Srivastava
Product Manager, Flipkart
Batch: 2015 –Computer - Finance
"MBA Tech to me has been a perfect amalgamation of Technology with Business, where I learnt about the rising trends, pain-points for emerging businesses, novel solves in the pasts and innovative application of tech in the current domain. As a Product Manager, it gave me the most perfect base of marrying Business to Technology and explore ingenious solves to the current problem statements and drive further growth.

Hardly did I realize that the Projects and assignments during the college days were setting a framework in my sub-conscious, which later would help me in the successful execution of countless projects in 4 years of my corporate career. Multiple interactions with professors, seniors, my friends, fellow students from different committees contributed significantly to moulding me into a greater individual who is aware of his domain, stakeholders and the path ahead. I till date cherish my 5 years as an MBA(Tech) student and I hope the coming batches do too. ”

Charul Chandra
Business Development Manager – Global Alliances - HPe – Germany
Batch 2016 - Electronics & Telecommunication -Marketing
"MBA Tech was not merely a course for me; it was rather an avenue of myriad of opportunities that provided equitable platform to each student in diverse fields to fulfil their aspirations. These five years of gruelling academic and practical exposure has not only nurtured my personality but also holistically prepared me for all possible challenges. This course has offered a seamless blend of Technology and Management curriculum, which has provided me with a unique knack for qualitative yet analytical rationale thinking. ”

Mohak Bhatia
Area Sales Manager, Reckitt Benckiser
Batch 2017 - Information Technology - Marketing
"MPSTME has been my learning ground for 5 years during the formative years of my professional life. While the academia exposed me to a variety of subjects, my professors and course material motivated me to pursue six internships starting from my first year itself. The varied experiences across companies and corporate functions where I interned (J&J, Deloitte, Pidilite and RB to name a few) helped me find my true calling and identify what career path I would be interested in undertaking post formal education. While opportunities were plenty, the uniqueness this institute brings with it is the ability to value the importance of fighting for them, thus always simulating the real world. I've constantly strived to challenge myself by participating in an array of competitions and have won recognition across debates, the RB Maverick's case challenge and V-Guard's Big Idea Contest. These enriching experiences have left me with a lot to be grateful for towards the institute and I hope every student's journey here is as exciting as mine has been! ”

Pratham Sarwate
Program Manager, Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt. Ltd
Batch: 2018 - Information Technology - Marketing
"The MBA Tech program places students at the forefront of the action - building a strong technical foundation and pushing its potential with the necessary managerial know-how. The mandatory technical and managerial internships are essential to getting students the relevant industry experience.

I was initially intrigued by the idea of "saving one year" with the 5-year integrated programme. However, in retrospect, it is the structure of the course, and the unique approach of creating industry-ready techno - managers, that has really helped me achieve my potential. ”

Rini Antony,
Campaign Manager, Google India
Batch: 2019 – Mechanical - Marketing
"The MBA Tech program at MPSTME is an inspiring course that amalgamates classroom learning in technical and business disciplines with practical exposure through well designed lab programs and interactive case studies. A good thrust on industry focus is emphasised on by two compulsory internship programs and a live research project. During my five-year stint, I was challenged to take up diverse competitions, research work, out of course certifications and internships that ensured that I ended up capitalising on every opportunity that academic life had to offer. I'm grateful and forever indebted to the institution for shaping me into a qualified professional today. ”

Ajitesh Anand
Batch 2010
B. Tech Electronics and Telecommunications
McKinsey and Company, Brussels, Belgium
Designation: Solution Associate
"I feel privileged to have flourished in the scholastic environment of MPSTME. The institution ensured an overall growth, from academics to extracurricular to leadership skills. As the Logistics head for Sattva, the university's cultural event, I had a great deal of experience in collating the efforts of my peers to create something magical. As a class representative for four years, I learned the interpersonal as well leadership skills. My connection with MPSTME remains strong, even now. I am an active member of alumni association, and I am both the campus ambassador as well as a Member of the Department Advisory Committee of Electronics and Communication Department”

Parashar Pandya
Batch 2010-B Tech CS
Expedia Group, Dallas / Fort Worth Area, Texas
Designation: Business Operations & E Commerce Manager
It is my firm belief that MPSTME occupies a distinctive space in the engineering colleges in Mumbai and India. My four years here were a transformative experience to say the least.

MPSTME allows you to develop a multi-dimensional context by providing the right academic environment which is enhanced by guest lectures and a dedicated semester that allows students to collaborate with the industry via an internship in the area of their interest. It gives you the freedom to question the status quo and encourages data driven decision making. It was this environment that led me to be discover my interest in analytics and develop a career in it.

To the recruiters and hiring managers who are reading this I wish to convey - At MPSTME, you will find the talent you seek - Be it a software engineer who not only writes the best code, but also thinks about the UX, Product enhancements and keeps in mind the broader Business Strategy. Amongst the students here you would be able to discover an electronic engineer who designs the best circuit - but also thinks about leveraging the Internet of Things and Conduct a Market Opportunity Assessment. Such diversity will be an asset to any organization - be it a well-established corporate house or a startup.

Anshul Tare
Batch-2014 B. Tech- Mechanical
Aditya Birla Group’s- Hindalco Industries Ltd.
Designation: Senior Project Management Officer
NMIMS MPSTME is a place of knowledge and bliss. It has provided me a wonderful environment and opportunity to learn and grow myself in every field. In MPSTME I have not only got the boost for studies but also for other curricular & professional activities as well. I have got infinite love & support from my teachers & student supports functions at every step. They have encouraged me to polish my hidden talents in number of ways, at the same time I would definitely want to tell the students intending to join and studying in MPSTME please be ready to step out of your comfort zone to learn and rest be assured NMIMS MPSTME will do wonders for you in return.

Kritesh Patel
Batch – MCA 2015
Company Currently working- NTT LTD,
Tokyo, Japan
Designation: Business Analyst
I look towards my college NMIMS MPSTME with pride and I am pleased to see another batch of MPSTME ready for the corporate world equipped with the necessary skill set. With the everyday changing expectations and cutting-edge technical advancements, the industry today requires highly motivated, skilled and innovative minds with the entrepreneurship right from the day of joining. The competitive environment at MPSTME is a boon to students because it encourages them to pursue their goals. The curriculum has been designed in such a way that it helps to understand both practical as well as theoretical aspects and this wouldn't have been possible without the well qualified faculty, staff and the well acquainted laboratories .I am confident that this year will be no exception for the loyal and new recruiters on campus irrespective of the sector whether it be IT, ITES, consulting or even sales and marketing. I can confidently say that the college has been successful in creating a smooth bridge between the supply and demand of skilled personals to the industry. I am glad to see another batch of students ready to be incorporated in a corporate world where their developed skills would be tested and utilized. After spending three years of my life at this esteemed institution, I strongly believe in the lines of the NMIMS anthem, "At NMIMS each one is STAR”

Ronit Sen
Batch 2015 -B. Tech Computer Science
Informatica S.E.A Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Designation: Consultant Professional Service
It gives me great pleasure to see another batch of MPSTME gearing up to get into the industry. MPSTME is an excellent platform to learn and develop technical and leadership qualities along with people handling capabilities which have been the key factor for me and my other batch mates to place ourselves in strong positions in the corporate world. The kind of exposure, motivation and guidance imparted by the faculties and industry experts makes the students of MPSTME unique in the industry with their capabilities to adapt to all situations with their quick learning abilities. I am blessed to be one of the beneficiaries of the unique pedagogy of NMIMS- MPSTME. It is the result of the comprehensive inputs from my faculties and guides and immense support from the placement team that I have got an opportunity to work with Informatica.

Rahul Sreenivasan
Batch 2016 B.Tech EXTC
Mu – Sigma Inc., Bengaluru
Designation: Apprentice Leader
Being a student at MPSTME has been valuable and enriching, and helped me grow as an individual. Also, as a Student Placement Coordinator, I got a great deal of exposure to the corporate world and an opportunity to learn the corporate ways. The placements have been on a rise ever since the college started, and it's only going uphill. This year a new benchmark was set, next year, there will be another one. It only gets better. The quality of education is amazing, with training sessions and workshops conducted regularly, not only for students but also faculty.

As a Student Ambassador, I'll continue to be in touch with my Placement team and continue to give any corporate leads which will help in the placement process for the batches to come. It's been an amazing journey for me, and I have seen a positive change in myself, all thanks to MPSTME.

Praveen Singh Rathore
Batch 2016 B. Tech Mechanical Engineering
TechnipFMC, Mumbai
Senior Engineer – Onshore Project Management
MPSTME as an educational institute has been very instrumental in molding me from a young engineering student to a professional ready to jump into the corporate world in a tenure of 4 years of engineering. A very well structure curriculum and supportive faculties allowed me to systematically gain knowledge in my subject and helped me coming out with flying colors as a 2nd rank holder for Mechanical batch 2016. The major confidence booster was the various extra-curricular throughout the year which enabled me to explore my abilities of working in a team, handling events and various position of responsibilities. Undoubtedly MPSTME has emerged as one of the best engineering institute in India, I am glad to be a part of the MPSTME family. thanks to MPSTME.

Sanchi Soral
Batch 2016 B. Tech CS
Nomura Services India Pvt. Ltd., Powai, Mumbai
Designation: Senior Analyst

NMIMS has helped me hugely in my career to give it the best possible start. By providing different platforms for learning, growth and development, the college enabled me to compete with some of the smartest minds and keep pushing my limits. The teaching pedagogy was practical-oriented, which helped us to explore the courses in detail and decide on the electives.

I also had a great opportunity of being the Student Placement Coordinator (Batch 2015-2016), where I was part of the B.Tech. Placement Cell at MPSTME. It was stimulating to have a pre-corporate experience with corporate meetings, sessions, trainings and eventually getting your batch placed in dream companies. In a constant strive to outgrow myself, I could self-evaluate and progress in my career.

I started my career in Nomura as an Analyst in Risk and Capital IT Department in 2016. My journey in Nomura has been exciting in terms of learning new technologies, fortunately some of the most trending ones in the market. I have worked on Big Data technologies like Apache Spark, Apache Arrow, MapR, Hadoop etc. Currently, I am working as a Senior Analyst in Data Management Technology Department for creating Data Virtualization solutions and working on a project with consumer base across regions. My corporate experience until now has been exhilarating and I look forward to grow in my career. I see this as a beginning which has a long way to go, foundation for which is already well laid by NMIMS.

And as it is said- When the beginnings are interesting, the journey becomes all the more exciting!

Raxit Naik
Batch 2018 MCA
Nomura, Mumbai
Designation: Software Developer, Analyst.
The 3 years of MCA at NMIMS - MPSTME was a complete package of overall development which was required before our professional lives commenced. MPSTME is a combination of Academics, which provided opportunity to nurture and enhance research, as well as Problem-Solving skills; Faculties, who are the SME's in the domain have been imparting application-based learning and have focused on the individual growth of the students; Industrial Internship for 6 month, which is icing on the cake in the curriculum for which there is a dedicated Placement Cell which provides trainings to all students to grab the opportunity to work in several esteemed MNC’s.

NMIMS - MPSTME has hugly helped me in my career with the best possible start with Nomura as Analyst. My journey in Nomura so far has been exciting and my core principle and basic concepts developed during my Master degree have always helped me to excel in my career

Jigar Khimjibhai Vaviya
Batch 2018 B. Tech Civil Engineering
Shapoorji Pallonji and Company Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Designation: Structural Engineer
NMIMS MPSTME is a prestigious college equipped with top notch infrastructure. My journey in college is a very special part in my life and helped me to become what I am today. It was all possible because of all my faculties and professors who are extremely talented with a lot of experience which helped me to enhance my knowledge and skills to become successful in my career. MPSTME also has a very dedicated and very helpful team for placements which helps students to make them future ready by giving them training such as aptitude, group discussion or Interview. They train and prepare the students for company on campus. I have got placed in a very prestigious company of civil industry through campus placement and it's been almost 2 years in my professional career where I can say 4 years of my college tenure has been found to be very helpful to me.

Suvansh Bhardwaj
Batch 2019 B. Tech IT
ICICI Prudential, Mumbai
Designation: Manager
I am glad I was a part of NMIMS university. The four years of my college life have been amazing with a lot of learnings and experiences. When you step out of the college then you realize the outcome of being in such a healthy & competitive environment.

Gandharv Damani
Batch 2019 B. Tech Information Technology
Axxela Advisory Services, Mumbai
Designation: Market Analyst
MPSTME provided me a platform and a conducive environment to develop a plethora of skills. Through various different means it allowed me to develop a skill set that would help me pursue my goals. The faculties here in MPSTME have always been very supportive and have always motivated me to achieve my goal. I would like to thank the Placement Team as well for inculcating in me the corporate skill set that every individual would at some point in their life require to succeed at the highest level. Once again, a big thank you to the entire MPSTME family

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