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Corporate Speak

Akzo Nobel Paints

"NMIMS students’ level of competence is of high standards. Students of NMIMS have initiative to learn and contribute, good knowledge, sincere and disciplined. They have a capacity to see any situation from fresh and new perspectives.”


Tata Technologies

"I found them quite good in terms of aptitude and attitude. I observed that their maturity level was appreciable, though they were still undergoing studies and had no prior industrial exposure. The quality of work done was satisfactory and the application which they developed is working well within the given scope of work.”


As far as competence level of your students, is very high.

  • Good knowledge about technical subjects and marketing, good command over language, very good behavior, very good computer knowledge, etc,
  • Course is unique; it covers Chemical Engineering and subjects of Business Management.
  • Time frame of training program is enough. Regular monitoring of the training is very good.


"We, at VSNL, Kolkata would love to have students from your institute for undergoing training, as we hope they will be as sincere, brilliant and learning as the present batch. While interacting with the student and the faculty of your institute, I personally felt that you have a well organized setup for grooming your students, exposing them, in the process, to sufficient industrial exposure which consolidates their learning and tunes their attitude for turning themselves into budding professionals respected by the industry.”

I-FLEX Solutions

"The MBA (Tech) program at NMIMS appears to be a well thought out and innovative approach to provide students with a blend of technical and managerial skills that are most relevant to the industry today. I would like to laud the university and the MBA (Tech) program management for endeavoring to keep education in touch with industry requirements and developments. We, at ‘I-flex Solutions’, had the privilege of getting associated with the program and the first batch of its students through the industrial training program, a key constituent of the course. The students, who did their training at I-flex, were true ambassadors for the program and developed, through their work and professionalism, strong equity among the people they interacted with. Their ability to grasp new concepts and adapt to the quirks and constraints of a corporate environment were exemplary and beyond our expectations. I wish the students and management of the MBA (Tech) program the very best and look forward to a continued association with them.”

Indian Petrochemical Corporation Ltd.

"All four students were intelligent, hard working , obedient , keeping schedule of working , very good grasping power requiring minimum guidance, self starter and overall excellent. Training program duration was sufficient and I suppose was aimed at becoming good engineer first before acquiring Management skill.”

NCR Indi Pvt. Ltd.

"We found that the students were very good in their work. They displayed a high order of intelligence & sincerity in executing their work to our satisfaction. We also found that the integrated nature of curriculum of the MBA (Tech) Course has largely contributed in 9th Trimester quality of their work.”

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Automotive Sector

"We found MBA (Tech) students sincere, attentive and dedicated.”


"The B.Tech, M.Tech & MCA students from MPSTME surprised us as we were not actually expecting such a good performance. Their students are very polished, have put great efforts in acquiring skills during their project work and classrooms. They are very good with their communication skills and have good potential to scale up for the opportunities / challenges of the corporate that they shall enter.”

Capital IQ – A Division of Standard & Poor’s

"The process was well coordinated.”


"The B.Tech, M.Tech & MCA students of NMIMS are industry ready and well groomed. Quality, Co-ordination & Hospitality beyond expectations. Quality outfit was really good. Awesome experience. Best Campus & Best Team ever visited. Quality of students is Very Good. Amazing set of people”

Tech Mahindra

"Technically very strong – impressive, good at soft skills”. "Very good at soft skills, technically good, very good hospitality.”

Tavant Technologies

"It was really nice to meet nice all the B.Tech, M.Tech & MCA students after a long time. All the students I met were smart and our selection procedure was made difficult. This is a significant achievement considering it’s the first batch.”

HCL Comnet

"Excellent hospitality, very good students during our interaction. Like to pick folks from here and have a long term association”. "Great Team of Enthusiasts.”

Indian Army

A very good Institution with energetic staff & students. "You are a Cut above others”


"It has been a pleasant surprise to meet a talented group of B.Tech, M.Tech & MCA students who have their individual goals & aspiration. Good to see the India’s Talented Resources at NMIMS, MPSTME.”

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