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As time flies, some spectate and some run the course. Here, at the research cell, we follow the ethos of both. We cause, analyse and watch these minute changes unfold. We promote and perform researches. We regard research like an adventure without a fixed source or a terminal. Research is all about wandering around, gathering experiences, meeting people with various aims and of course, having fun. It involves the combination of trial and error, which may lead to failures but our aim is to keep these people inspired and moving forward through guidance, support and direction. As the Chinese saying quotes, 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,' our team is here to create a platform which aids research enthusiast to take-on this joyful challenge of creating something astonishing. We work primarily at Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering but have kept our platform open to everybody who is inspired and ready to walk on this pathway. Are you ready to research?

Research Cell Team

Arushi Rai
B.Tech Cyber Security 3rd Year

Anant Misra
MBA Tech Data Science 2nd Year
Joint Secretary

B.Tech 2nd Year
Joint Secretary

Rishita Mantri
MBATech CS 2nd Year r
Joint Secretary

Bhagyashree Birje
MBATech AI 2nd Year
Joint Secretary

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