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MPSTME's Social Impact is not just another college committee. Every year this committee takes special steps towards the welfare of the society. This small family pulled off 11 unique events last year, each largely benefitting the one's in need. Social impact strongly believes in the ripple effect and that small good deeds can make a big difference. Social Impact also managed to pull off the very first social conference in India, the 'Social Conclave 2019' where more than 450 delegates from across the country gathered and addressed the most contentious social issues .After 3 exhilarating days of panel discussions, mock panchayats and on-site visits best solutions were chosen by our esteemed judges from the respective fields and those solutions are being implemented currently by the team.

Social Impact Team

Sunandan Dasgupta
MBA Tech Mechanical 4th Year

Aashir Ibrahim
B.Tech EXTC 3rd Year
Joint Secretary

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