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btech placementsbtech placements


• MBA (Tech.)

5 Years Dual Degree Integrated Program, (B.Tech. and MBA in Technology Management)

  • Information Technology 
  • Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering 
  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Civil Engineering

Program Objectives

  • The program aims to build Managers who can leverage appropriate Technology for Business goals of the company they serve or for their entrepreneurial venture. 
  • Students in the program will develop the ability to recognize technology as a key success factor for the enterprise. They are given a comprehensive approach to manage the implementation of technology to the organization’s value chain. 
  • Student will develop the ability to harness emerging technologies in their chosen sectors including finance, marketing and operations. 
  • Graduates are expected to take up middle management and executive positions in organizations with responsibility to effectively use technology for organizational effectiveness and competitiveness. 
  • The program will enhance a student’s career development path and give him opportunities in senior management roles in corporate world. Students can also choose to become entrepreneurs in their chosen field of technology and innovation. Students can work in the role of consultants to traditional business managers in the area of technology management.

Program Educational Objectives

  • Acts as a leader and role model for ethical, professional, and social behaviour 
  • Understands the societal implications of managerial and technical decisions. 
  • Analyzes issues from multiple perspectives, asks insightful questions and assimilates information well. 
  • Works effectively in a multi-functional team environment and communicates effectively in group discussion, formal presentation and in written communication. 
  • Demonstrates the ability to integrate multiple technologies, to generate creative, differentiating options and to develop effective strategies and continual improvement opportunities. 
  • Inspires a vision, sets clear direction and connects customer requirements and corporate goals
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