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  • MBA Tech. (IT)
  • MBA Tech. (Computer Engg.)
  • MBA Tech. (EXTC)
  • MBA Tech. (Mechanical)
  • MBA Tech. (Chemical)
  • MBA Tech. (Civil)
  • PhD (Technology management)

 Program Objectives (Management part of the MBA (Tech.) program):

  1. The Program aims to create Business Leaders who can leverage appropriate technology for Business excellence in the company they serve or for their entrepreneurial venture, displaying ethical and socially responsible behaviour.

  2. Student will develop the ability to harness emerging Technologies in their chosen field of Engineering (IT/ Computer/ Electronics and Telecommunication/Mechanical/ Chemical and Civil) and integrate with specialised knowledge of finance, marketing, operations and Business Analytics.


Program Educational Objectives (management part of the MBA (Tech.) program):

PEO1: Communicates effectively through formal and informal channels

PEO2: Displays contemporary and insightful knowledge in various functional areas of Engineering and Management and leverage it to achieve business excellence

PEO3: Analyses issues from multiple perspectives, asks insightful questions and assimilates information well

PEO4: Acts as a leader and role model for ethical, professional, and social behavior and understands the societal implications of managerial and technical decisions

PEO5: Works effectively in a multi-functional team environment

PEO6: Has ability to take risks, think out of the box and be entrepreneurial

PEO7: Ability to create new knowledge through Research & Design and become lifelong learner

Teaching Scheme

MBA Tech Chemical Sem VII 2020-21.pdf

MBA Tech Civil Sem VII 2020-21.pdf

MBA Tech Computer Sem -VII 2020-21.pdf

MBA Tech EXTC Sem VII 2020-21.pdf

MBA Tech IT Sem VII 2020-21.pdf

MBA Tech Mechanical Sem - VII 2020-21.pdf

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