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Dr. Seema Shah
Associate Professor , HOD Computer Engineering and Director-Btech Integrated Program
Ph.D., M.E. (Computer Engg.), B.E. (Electrical Engg.)
Specialization: Distributed Computing


Dr. Pravin Shrinath
Associate Professor
Ph.D, M.Tech (Computer Engg.), B.E (Computer Engg.)
Specialization: Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence


Dr. Dhirendra Mishra
Professor, Computer Engineering
Ph.D, M.E (Computer Engg.), B.E (Computer Engg.).
Specialization: Image Processing- Image Database, Pattern matching, Image/Data Mining, Biometrics, Storage Technologies, Data Analytics


Prashasti Kanikar
Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Computer Engg.), B.E.(Computer Sc. & Engg.), Pursuing Ph.D.
Specialization: Biomedical Image Processing, Data Mining


Abhay Kisan Kolhe
Assistant Professor and In charge B.Tech (Integrated)- Computer Engineering
MBA (Finance), B.E (Computer Engg.), Pursuing PhD
Specialization: Image Processing


Dr. Shubha Puthran
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., M.Tech (Computer Engg), B.E (Computer Engg)
Specialization: Data Mining, Software Engineering


Dr. Mahesh Maurya
Assistant Professor
Ph.D, M.Tech (Computer Engg.), B.E (Computer Engg.)
Specialization: Distributed Computing, Parallel Computing, Big Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning


Pankti Doshi
Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Computer Engg.), B.E (Computer Sc.)
Specialization: Relational Database, Sensor Networks.


Swarnalata Bollavarapu
Assistant Professor
M.E. (Computer Engg.), B.Tech (Computer Engg.).
Specialization: Information Security


Dr. Rachit Garg
Assistant Professor
Phd.( DBATU, Lonere),M.E( NITTTR, Chandigarh),
PGD(CDAC, Noida),B.E (Kurukshetra University)


Dr. Prachi Natu
Assistant Professor
Ph D, M.E. (Computer Engg.), B.E. (Extc)
Specialization: Image Processing


Supriya Agarwal
Assistant Professor
M.Tech. (Computer Engg.), B.Tech (Computer Engg.), Pursuing Ph.D.
Specialization: Image Processing


Arkita Singh
Assistant Professor
M. Tech (Computer Engg. ), B. Tech (I.T)
Specialization: Data Science and Data Analytics


Ratnesh N. Chaturvedi
Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Computer Engg.), B.Tech (Computer Engg.), Pursuing PhD
Specialization: Image Processing: Image Steganography, Image Water Marking, Image, Image Colorization, Visual Cryptography


Sanjay Deshmukh
Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Computer Engg.), B.E. (Computer Engg.)
Specialization: Networking


Krishna Samdani
Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Computer Engg.), B.E (Computer Sc. & Engg.)
Specialization: Computer Networks, Cyber Security and Internet of Things(IOT)


Radhika Chapaneri
Assistant Professor
Pursuing Ph.D, M.E. (Computer Engg.), B.E. (EXTC)
Specialization: Machine Learning, Cryptography and Network Security, Chaos based Image Encryption


Mahesh Mali
Assistant Professor
M.E. (Computer Engg.), B.E. (I.T.), Pursuing Ph.D.
Specialization: Database Technology Prog. & Data model, Software Engg


Kamal Mistry
Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Computer Engg.), B.E. (Computer Engg.)
Specialization: Programming, Cloud Computing, Security


Mohini Reddy
Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Electronics Engg.), B.Tech (Biomedical Engg.)
Specialization: Embedded Systems,Analog and Digital Communications,Medical Imaging,Wireless networks


Avani Bhuva
Assistant Professor
M.E. (I.T.), B.E (Computer Engg.)
Specialization: Image Processing, Biometrics, Distributed Computing


Pragati Shrivastava
Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Computer Sc.), B.Tech (Computer Sc.)
Specialization: Image Processing, Soft computing, Machine Learning


Hiral Modi
Assistant Professor
M.E. (Computer Engg) B.E. (I.T.)
Specialization: Data Mining, System Security, Web Technology


Ishani Saha
Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Computer Engg.), B.Tech (Computer Engg.)
Specialization: Artificial Intelligence, Database


Prof. Prathamesh Churi
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Engineering
PhD (Pursuing- Data Privacy), M.E. (Information Technology), B.E.(Computer Engineering)
Specialization : Information and System Security, Data Privacy, Education Technology


Manisha Tiwari
Assistant Professor
M Tech (Computer Engg.), MCA, B Sc. (Mathematical Sc.)
Specialization: Software Engineering, Programming Paradigms, Cloud Computing


Abhishek Vichare
Assistant Professor
M.E (Computer Engg.), B.E.(Computer Engg.)
Specialization: Web Security, Database Systems, Machine Learning


T. Vijayetha
Assistant Professor
M.S (Computer Networks), B.Tech (Electrical Engg.)
Specialization: Computer Networks


Ameyaa Biwalkar
Assistant Professor
M.Tech ( I.T.), B.E (Electronics Engg.)
Specialization: Embedded Systems, Analog and Digital Communication, Internet of Things


Deepa Krishnan
Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Computer Security and Digital Forensic), B.Tech (I.T.)
Specialization: Information Security and Computer Forensics


Payal Mishra
Assistant Professor
M.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering), B.Tech (Information Technology)
Specialization: Software Engineering, Image Processing


Archana Nanade
Assistant Professor


Prof Leena Milind Nadkar
Assistant Professor
PhD (Pursuing) Blockchain, M.Tech (Computer Engineering), B.E (IT)
Specialization: Programming, Database Management, Block chain


Prof. Sofia Francis
Assistant Professor
Pursuing PhD (Computer Engg.), M.E(Computer Engg), AMIE (B.E) in Computer Engg, M.Sc. (IT),
Specialization: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Networks

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