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The Department of Information Technology has six well equipped laboratories to meet the academic and research requirements of the students and faculty members. High speed Internet connectivity is provided to all networked machines. The Department is moving its labs on the Microsoft Intelligent cloud to provide any time any where access to students and faculty members.


All the classrooms are air conditioned and equipped with Smartboard, PA System and WiFi.

CR-31 (Seating Capacity – 60)
CR-32 (Seating Capacity – 30)
CR-33 (Seating Capacity – 60)
CR-34 (Seating Capacity – 30)


No. Name of the Laboratory Courses conducted in the Laboratory
1 RESEARCH LAB 1 1. Software Engineering (SE),
2. Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD)
3. System & security (SS), E-commerce (ECOM)
4. Microprocessor-microcontroller (MPMC)
5. Computer simulation and modelling (CSM)
6. Web Programming (WP)
7. Data structure analysis (DSA)
8. Programming for problem solving(PPS)
9. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
2 RESEARCH LAB 2 1. Programming in Analytics (PA)
2. Business Visualization (BV)
3. Database management system (DBMS)
4. Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD)
5. System & security (SS)
6. E-commerce (ECOM)
7. Microprocessor-microcontroller (MPMC)
8. Web Programming (WP)
9. Data structure analysis (DSA)
10. Programming for problem solving(PPS)
11. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
3 DATA STRUCTURES & DBMS LAB 1. Implementation of Technology (IOT)
2. Distributed computing (DC)
3. Human computer Interface (HCI)
4. E-Commerce (ECOM)
5. Mobile application Development (MAD)
6. Programing for problem solving (PPS)
7. Data structure and algorithm (DSA)
8. Programming workshop (PW)
9. Software Project Management (SPM)
2. Advance computer Network (ACN)
3. Microprocessor-microcontroller (MPMC)
4. Parallel computing (PC)
5. Information security (IS)
6. Research Methodology (RM)
2. Implementation of Technology (IOT)
3. Wireless Network(WN)
4. Parallel Computing(PC)
5. Microprocessor-Microcontroller (MPMC)
6. Business Visualization (BV)
6 PROJECT LAB 1. E-commerce (ECOM),
2. Principle of Communication (PCOM)
3. Programming for problem solving(PPS)
4. Advanced Database management system (ADBMS)

Library Services:

The library is the heart of knowledge and information. It is an essential and integral component of the institute. Library supports the teaching, learning and research activities of the institute. It has a rich collection of print and non-print resources on Engineering, Technology, Management and allied subjects. The well-furnished, air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled library is located on the ground floor of the institute. It is spacious, comfortable and it is managed by trained library professionals who assist the library users effectively and promptly. The main library has an area of 231.68 Sq. Mts., with a seating capacity of 110. The library working hours on all working days are 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. The library consists of two parts: 1. Stacking with reading area and 2. Administrative area with circulation section. The development and growth of the library are planned under the leadership of the Library Advisory Committee.

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