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IEC- Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell

Faculty Mentors:  Dr. Seema Shah, Dr. Ajitabh Ambastha


The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell (IEC) is MHRD's Institution’s Innovation Council(IIC), a student body of 90 students that aims to create an entrepreneurial and innovative environment in the institute. IEC works towards raising awareness, providing support to student-based start-ups and creating a community of bright young minds coming together to make ideas & dreams a reality. Through industrial exposure, events, seminars, workshops, networking, mentoring and more, we encourage students to take their passion forward through projects, internships and start-up.


Flagship Events: INCEPTIO (The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fest NMIMS' MPSTME), Life of an Entrepreneur, Time Capsule, Enigma



The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Archana Bhise and Prof. Archana Lakhe


IET MPSTME is a student body chapter of The Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK which aims to inculcate knowledge in various engineering domains while imparting values such as excellence, integrity and teamwork. By organising multidisciplinary events like hackathons, bot-building competitions and presentation competition, IET aims to solve the challenges that matter.

Flagship Event:

  • Botson- Bot making competition.
  • Tech Dias
  • Hack and Code 3.0 - Hackathon.
  • IDEA 2020- National Software and Hardware competition.
  • Seminar on Solar Thermal Technology."



ASCE CESA (Civil Engineering Student's Association)

Faculty Mentor: Prof. Deoyani Joshi


ASCE CESA is Civil Engineering Student's Association established in 2014 recognised by ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) India Region Student Chapter. CESA organises Technical and Non-technical events which enhance the professional and interpersonal skills of the graduating individuals under the guidance of faculty advisors with keen involvement of the respective  faculty in charge of every department according to their expertise. It has been observed a strong zest and determination from the working student body and the participation in various events organised. CESA has been acknowledged consecutively four times as amongst the top third of all Student Chapters of ASCE for the activities conducted in the academic year. ASCE has issued "Letter of Appreciation” and "Honourable Mention" for Significant improvement to the Faculty Advisor and the Student Body for providing exception value to ten of thousand student chapters.

Flagship Events:

  • Election and Appointment of New Student Body
  • Engineers Day Event: Horizon
  • Teacher's Day Celebration
  • Karl von Terzaghi's Day: Seminar on Soil Dynamics
  • Inside The Cude: Inter-college Event in collaboration with Alccofine, subsidiary of Ambuja Cement. 5 to 7 Tech Talk Seminars: (Importance of Microfine Materials, Marine and Coastline Development Projects, Significance of Landslides, Highlights on ASCE Organisation, Mysteries of Balck Hole, and Technical Workshop on BIM Software)
  • 2 to 3 Social Events (Donation Drive, Underpriviledged Fund Raiser, etc)
  • Miniature Chalet, a Taqneeq Collab Event (Student Council)
  • INGENIERO (3-day Technical and Non Technical Fest)
  • International Women’s Day – Special Talk by a Successful Woman Civil Engineer
  • Felicitation for Members of CSEA (Achievers)
  • Farewell for the Graduating Batch
  • Site Visits
  • Talk by Alumni
  • Student Body interaction with ASCE members

Student's involvement  in ASCE Western Region Events.


Team Technocrats

Faculty Mentor: Prof. Deoyani Joshi


Team Technocrats Incepts since 2014. Team technocrats participate every year since 2014 in the Technical Regional Competition held by ASCE India Region.

Flagship Events:

Team Works hard for more than 8 months to participate in Regional Level Conference Arranged by ASCE. In year 2020 Team Technocrat bagged awards as Follows: -

  • First Prize "Best Paper Award" Explica - Reduction of CO2 Emissions,
  • Second Prize in "Explica - Save Life during Mining",
  • Third Prize "Blue Sky Competition - Disaster Management"
  • Special Category "Concrete Canoe Sustenance Award"


Faculty Mentor: Prof. Yashodhan Karulkar


4C is The Marketing Cell of MPSTME. 4C stands for Collect, connect, commence and contest. We have been organizing seminars by Industry experts as well as fun events that teach the basics of marketing. The objective is to introduce students to the concept of marketing in todays competitive environment.

Flagship Events:

Wings and Roots: The marketing and leadership conclave, Genesis, Emporia


Faculty Mentor: Dr.Ketan Shah


ACM MPSTME is the official student chapter of the 'Association for Computing Machinery' (World's largest educational and scientific computing society). It was founded in the year 2009.  At ACM we help students build a culture with innovation and introduce all to hands-on project based approaches when it comes to learning. ACM strives to work towards enhancing the culture of computing and actively build on skills by holding comprehensive workshops, interactive seminars and other events not only on topics found in the curriculum but by going beyond it and exploring trends and domains that are in demand with the industry.

Flagship Events:

  • C Workshop: A comprehensive 3-day workshop with hands-on coding, theoretical concepts, quizzes, etc.
  • Android App Development Workshop: An interactive workshop where students create their own working app.
  • Hour of Code: An initiative where every year we invite school students and/or underprivileged children to learn programming concepts in order to encourage interest in computer science among young students.
  • Ethical Hacking: Another hands-on coding workshop in partnership with the Institute of Information Security covering topics such as social engineering, Denial of Service attacks, mobile hacking, etc.
  • Flutter Workshop: A practical workshop where participants were instructed in making their own applications using the popular Flutter framework.
  • SemiCode: One of the largest coding competitions in Mumbai which is a collaboration of several ACM student chapters from various institutions.
  • ACM Mumbai Hackathon: A 24-hour hackathon held in collaboration with different student chapters of ACM.
  • Study abroad in the context of covid-19: An informative online seminar for students interested in pursuing an education abroad and how covid-19 has impacted it.
  • Online Quiz Campaign: A 31-day campaign with a new quiz each day on Social Media covering different topics such as programming languages, web development, database management.
  • Learning Weekend with Progate: A weekend dedicated to understanding Java and Python in collaboration with Progate where students get free access to courses by Prograte.


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nikhil Gala


Enactus is the world’s largest experiential learning platform dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. It is an international organization and has its chapters spread across the globe. Enactus MPSTME has always worked towards imbibing an entrepreneurial spirit amongst students by following a very simple motto, "With a head for business and a heart for the world, we live our values of integrity, passion, innovation and collaboration. We have successfully exited 2 projects: Project Parivartan, wherein we provided a sustainable livelihood to ragpickers, and in Project Patched, we worked with sex workers. Our current projects include : Project Vishuddh, which caters to the health and sanitation needs in Maharashtra, and Project Zeen, which aims to bridge the gap between the urban community and farmers.

Flagship Events:

  • Enactus Prom,
  • Enactus Week
  • NGO visits


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Seema Shah & Prof. Prathamesh Churi

Network for the Open Web was founded to bring tech enthusiasts & programmers together. Our goal is to build Open Source projects, help other passionate developers and create a better environment for everyone. Network for the Open Web was founded in 2018 to bring tech enthusiasts & programmers together. What began as a 4 member team is now a 20 member family. Our goal is to build Open Source projects, help other passionate developers and create a better environment for everyone. The club is headed by the Club Captain, with the Management and the Tech Lead co-ordinating with the executives in these departments respectively. The club does not follow any particular organisational structure and every member here extends their contribution towards fulfilling different tasks.

Flagship Events:

  • Flutter Workshop
  • Workshop on How to write a review paper
  • Workshop on Data Visualization with Python
  • Workshop on PyLearn"


Faculty Mentors: Prof. Dattatray Sawant

Objective: Student chapter for MPSTME of the International Society of Automation, ISA MPSTME, is a technical powerhouse and deals with all aspects of automation and its impact  on our lives. We promote automation and provide key insights into its functioning and  how does Automation affect our lives, we are affiliated and fall under district 14 of The International Society of Automation" Our goal is to promote and inculcate  the various aspects of automation, and along with it we wish to showcase how automation can help us bring about change in our lives"

Flagship Events:

India Automation Games, Youth Parliament, Automation Expo


Faculty Mentors: Prof.Vinod Jain & Prof. Ainal Abdul Azeez


An IEEE Student Branch provides opportunities to meet and learn from fellow IEEE Student and Graduate Student Members and engage with professional IEEE members locally.Our goal is to provide positive elements of academic career, offering programs, activities, and professional networking opportunities that build critical skills outside of the classroom

Flagship Events:

  • Skills and Knowledge Enhancement Program (SKEP)


Faculty Mentor: Dr .Meenal Mategoankar

Objective: TEDxNMIMS is a student initiative to bring about a wave of enthusiasm and inspiration amongst the young minds of our community. Our mission is to commemorate outstanding and exceptional work by giving these bright minds a platform to inspire further. We take great pride in showcasing some of the finest progresses in various aspects of human life. We are working to bring about a change, a revolution in the minds of the innovative youth. Innovation, courage, and curiosity are at the heart of TEDxNMIMS and we wish we imbibe and invoke many such positives in ourselves and others."

Flagship Event:



Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nikhil Gala


MUN Society MPSTME is the student led Model United Nations organisation at MPSTME. It is one of the most well renowned MUN organisations across India, with over 500 applicants every year and a team size of roughly over 120 students. MUN Society has previously partnered with the US Consulate in Mumbai, Air India, PepsiCo, ONGC, Zomato, Mahindra, State Bank of India, Monster Energy and Indian Oil among others. It has also associated with the UN Information Centre.  Mumbai MUN, a three day conference which is a debonair personification of international diplomacy. It has seen international participation, offering an assorted collection of UN and non-UN committees with top notch hospitality and exciting social events to boot. Moreover, MUN Society represents the Indian delegation to Harvard World MUN, popularly called the Olympics of Model United Nations.  MPSTME has the honour of being the only Indian University level delegation which has represented the country at this immensely respected conference for the last 9 years, where 19 students from our institution have won an award. In the previous edition held in Madrid (Spain), four students won the Social Venture Challenge and secured funding through the Resolution Project. The social ventures that have previously won the fellowship are founded by illustrious MPSTME alumni, who contribute significantly to society via their ventures. Project Reach Foundation (an NPO providing quality rural healthcare services), Mission Sanscar (an NPO raising menstrual health awareness), Citta (an NPO working on destigmatising Mental Health issues among students) and Project Dakshata(an NPO manufacturing and supplying affordable mosquito repellant spray).

Chitrarath Film Society

Faculty Mentor: Prof. Krishna Chande


Chitrarth film society celebrates the spirit of films by showcasing and making films. The committee inspires young minds to explore the world through the lens of the camera. Chitrarth Film Society is affliated with Fedaration Film Society of India. Our Vision is To Raise the movie culture one step at a time leading to growth in knowledge, skills, perceptions, attitudes and sensitivity towards other fellow beings that share the earth with us. Inspiring and Empowering Caring Dynamic Leaders who reach out more easily, effectively and confidently to various fields of the society enabling in bridging the gap and making living more wholesome. In turn, Making the Experience of Watching Movies a Gratifying Instrument in Social Change.

Flagship Events:

  • Short- film making
  • Screening critically acclaimed movies like Vertigo and Udta Punjab
  • Film making workshops like writing workshop with Terribly Tiny Tales

Earth Appreciation Society

Faculty Mentor: Dr Sunayana Sarkar


EAS is the pan MPSTME student body which is aimed at sensitizing the young aspiring engineers to be empathetic towards the planet they live off and live on. It is affiliated to Balipara Foundation. Established in 2019, it is still in it's nascent stage but has organized Treks and Trails in Rajasthan and Meghalaya as well as the Sanjay Gandhi National Park right here on home ground. It's largest event, "Crossroads of Conservation" was slated to be held on the 14th of March 2020 but has now been put on hold due to Covid 19. The weekly Beach Clean-up drive with the Afroz Shah Foundation and the fortnightly tree plantation drives are year long activities that the body organizes.

Flagship Events:

  • Beach Clean up (Weekly),
  • Tree Plantaion (Fortnightly),
  • Student Seminar "Crossroads of Conservation",
  • Nature Trails and Treks,
  • Photography Competition


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Geetha Iyer


Findrome is the Finance  Cell of MPSTME. We have been organizing Panel Discussions, seminars,  Guest lecture by Industry experts as well as fun and social events that teach the basics of Finance and financial markets . The objective is to introduce students to the concept of Finance and latest development in Financial Engineering and Financial Technologies.



IETE-SF is the best tech based committee of MPSTME, it was started in the year 2014 with the motive of contributing for the advancement of Science and Technology in the fields of Electronics, Communication Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology and other related subjects. "Envisioning Technology” being the motto of IETE, here we organize tech based Workshops, Industrial Visits, Technical Talk, Project Competitions and much more. In addition, we host several more events that experiment and evaluate the Software, Hardware, Analytical, Logical and the Problem-Solving knowledge of its members as well as participants.

Flagship Events


A nationwide research based technical conference where participants from all over the country come together to tackle domain-centric issues and come up with the best possible solution for it.

From cross questioning other teams to defending your own presentation.  ADAPPT is a thrilling, intuitive and stimulating conference where you can showcase your skills and prove your points against other teams.



Project Display Competition of MPSTME, which is designed to showcase the technical skills of graduate and under-graduate students belonging to various engineering streams, with the aim to provide such projects an exhibition platform, which are evaluated by an esteemed panel of judges. U’lectro is the flagship event of Team IETE.


Run Time Terror (RTT)

An online Debugging Competition under Oscillations, with the main aim to provide a chance to the young coders to find out their strengths and weakness, learn multiple ways to improvise their skill set and help overcome the hurdles one faces while coding, giving them the best chance to find their spot in the vast sea of programmers.


411 Series (Technical Talk)


Our purpose is to let students know about the ocean of opportunities lying outside the engineering field and motivating them to choose a path where their imagination leads them. To push them to ideate and innovate art themselves and to inspire and influence the next set of generations. A panel of famous and elite speakers who have already achieved their goals will be invited over to guide and share their experience with the students of MPSTME. These speakers are engineers who opted or manoeuvred their career choice outside engineering. 


Faculty Mentors:

Dr. Sumita Nainan (ISF - Co-ordinator)

Prof. Kanchan Bakade (Student In-charge)


Supercore information:

  • President- Siddhant Badola, BTech CSBS 4th year

  • Vice-President- Nakshatra Pasricha, MBATech Mechanical 3rd year

  • Secretary- Hrideya Goyal, Btech EXTC 3rd year

  • Joint Secretary- Siddhi Sankpal, BTI EXTC 4th year

  • Treasurer- Harsh Motiramani, BTI CS 4th year

Society of Chemical Technomanagers (SCTM)

Faculty Mentor: Prof. Rahul Paliwal


The Society for Chemical Techno Managers (SCTM) is the student chapter of the Department of Chemical Engineering of NMIMS MPSTME. Our Aim is to build a tight knit community of experienced chemical engineers with students of the subject. We conduct workshops, Industry Visits, provide a platform for presentations, and organise seminars in domain related to chemical engineering. We provide students the insightful workshops and opportunities to visit chemical companies to help them grow and be ready for the industry. "

Flagship Events:

  • Ideasynth
  • Industrial Visits,
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Technical talks
  • Alumni Talks

Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE)

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ashish Deshmukh


SAEINDIA is India's leading resource for mobility technology. As an individual member-driven society of mobility practitioners, the ownership of SAEINDIA wrests with its members who are Individuals from the mobility community, which includes Engineers Executives from Industry, Government Officials, Academics and Students. SAEINDIA is most preferred technical body for knowledge dissemination & skill development of mobility professionals, students, and faculty

Flagship Events:

  • National Level Competitions like SAE Baja
  • SAE Supra

The White Hat Cell

Faculty Mentor: Prof. Krishna Chande

The White Hats, Post-Graduate Cell of MPSTME, NMIMS SVKM’s has been conceptualized to develop and maintain a sustainable Student - Cell Think Tank model focusing on improvements, opportunities, growth and learning for all involved. Our Vision is to develop and maintain a sustainable Student - Cell Think Tank model for post-graduate community of the institute that focuses on improvements, opportunities, growth and learning for all involved. A wholesome, well-balanced and scientifically directed agent of empowerment & support for students, staff, faculties and management."

Flagship Events:

  • Artificial Intelligence Insights In Business & Defence.
  • SHODH - The Research Paradigm
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