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Dr Ajay N Phirke
Associate Professor & Head of Department
M.Sc. Applied Electronics (Amravati University) Ph.D. Physics ( Mumbai University)
Specialization : Solid State Physics, Applied Electronics


Dr V. R. Lakshmi Gorty
Professor in Mathematics
PhD (Mathematics) (University of Pune)
Specialization: Integral Transforms and Special functions


Dr. Niketa Trivedi
Associate Professor, Mathematics
M. Sc. (Mathematics) & Ph.D. (Mathematics)
Specialization : Inventory Models


Assistant Professor, Mathematics
M.Sc., M.Phil.
Specialization : Number theory


Prof. Sheetal Gonsalves
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
MSc (Mathematics), MPhil (Mathematics)
Specialization : Applied Mathematics


Prof. Shilpa Brownil D’Cunha
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
M.Sc (Mathematics), B.Ed
Specialization : Applied Mathematics


Prof Avijit Bardhan
Assistant Professor , Mathematics
M Sc (Mumbai Univ), Post Graduate Diploma in Management (JBIMS)
Specialization: Mathematics, Statistics, Operations Research, Project Management


Prof Jyoti Shete
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
M.Sc. B.Ed.
Specialization : Pure Mathematics


Prof. Nitu Gupta
Specialization : Pure Mathematics
M.Sc. Ph.D.


Prof Khinal Parmar
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Specialization : Pure Mathematics ( Algebra and Analysis)


Prof. Mahesh S. Naik
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
M.Sc.(Mathematics), Pursuing Ph.D.
Specialization: Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Optimization & Operations Research.


Dr. G. Swapna
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
M.Sc. - Mathematics (Bangalore University) Ph.D. Mathematics ( JIIT, Noida)
Specialization : Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Methods, Finite Element Method, Micropolar Fluids


Dr. Kuntal Chakrabarti
Associate Professor, Physics
M.S. (Calcutta University), Ph.D. (IACS)
Specialization : Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics


Dr. Heena Rohit Shevde
Assistant Professor, Physics
M.Sc. (Applied Physics) and Ph.D. (Applied Physics) from M. S. University, Baroda
Specialization : Materials Science


Dr. Arti Hadap
Assistant Professor, Physics
M. Sc. (Physics) Ph. D (Physics) DAVV Indore
Specialization: Microwaves, Plasma Physics


Dr Vinita Khatri
Assistant Professor, Physics
M. Sc., PhD (Physics) (JNVU, Jodhpur)
Specialization : Dielectric properties and molecular interaction


Dr. Tista Basak
Assistant Professor, Physics
M.Sc. (Physics) (Mumbai Univ.), Ph.D (Physics) (BARC/Mumbai Univ.), Post-Doctorate (IIT Bombay)
Specialization : Condensed Matter Physics


Swapnil Anil Prabhudesai
Assistant Professor, Physics
M.Sc. (Physics) (Mumbai Univ.), Ph.D (Physics) (BARC/Mumbai Univ.)
Specialization : Neutron Scattering (QENS) and Molecular Dynamics (MD)


Pallavi Nimbalwar
Assistant Professor, Communication Skills
MA, M.Phil. ,Pursuing Ph.D.


Mahesh Kale
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. Mathematics (Pune University Topper)


Shabnam Ansari
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
M.Sc Mathematics (Mumbai University)


Ms. Cynthia Rodrigues
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
M.Sc. (Mathematics), B.Ed ( Mumbai University)


Harshal Gharat
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
M.Sc. Mathematics (Mumbai University)


Shruthi Subhash
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
M.Sc. Mathematics (Mumbai University)


Dr. Minirani S
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
M.Sc. Mathematics (University of Calicut) MSc. Physical Oceanography (Cochin University of Sci.&Tech.) Ph.D. Mathematics ( National Institute of Technology Calicut)


Dr. Keerti Saxena
Assistant Professor
Specialization: English, Soft Skills, Film Studies Ph.D (English), M.A., B.A.


Dr. (Mrs) Usha Ghosh
Associate Professor, Head Chemical Engineering Department
Synthetic organic, organometallic, process, medicinal and polypeptide chemistry Ph.D. (Polypeptide Chemistry)


Dr. Payal B. Joshi
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry BSc, MSc, Phd


Dr. Sanket Gudekar
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Organic Chemistry
BSc, MSc, Phd


Dr. Chandan Maitrani
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Organic, Bioorganic, General Chemistry
BSc, MSc, Phd


Dr. Geetanjali Gokhale Ashtekar
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Organic Chemistry, Synthesis, Catalysis Ph.D, Chemistry


Dr. Ketakee S. Durve
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Catalysis, Sustainable Process development, Synthetic Chemistry PhD (Chemistry), LLB


Dr. Abhinaba Gupta
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Bachelor of Chemical Technology, PhD (Chemistry)


Ms. Sudarsana Sarkar
Assistant Professor (Technology Management)
Ph.D. (Human Development), M.Phil. (Development Studies) (Specializing in Literature and Cultural Studies), MBA (HR), MA (English Literature)
Specialization : Human Development, Education, Indust

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