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Technology Development Programs are organized round the year to promote industrial research.

MOU was signed between L&T(Corporate Training & Engg. Academy) and MPSTME, Mumbai to foster industry-institute partnership, to facilitate the growth and development of industries and to keep its engineering students up-to-date with the current trends and demands of the Industrial Visits.



Research Area

Prof. Vinod Jain

Robotic Vision with AI

Prof. Nirmal Thakur

Education Technology

Prof. Dattatray Sawant

Embedded Control System

Prof. Ainal Abdul Azeez

Industrial Drives and Control

Prof. Deepak Sinha

Disaster Management through Machine Learning and IoT

Prof. Chetna Sharma

Meso and Micro Fractal Formation



"Robust and Non-Degradable System for Detection and Forecast of Earthquake Based on IoT and Machine Learning" has been presented by Prof. Deepak Sinha at The International Conference on Business Management, Innovation, and Sustainability(ICBMIS 2020) held at Amity University, Dubai  on 15-16 June-2020.


"Study and Control of Viscous Fingers Using Anisotropies and Velocity in Lifting Plate Hele-Shaw Cell” has been published by Prof. Chetna Sharma in Materials Today: Proceedings, 2020


D.Tyagi, R. Shroff, R. Khatri, A.Thakkar and Prof. Nirmal Thakur published "Design and implementation of Low cost slender visual surveillance system” ICICCS 2019, AISC 1039, Springer Nature Switzerland, pp.326-335, 2020.


"Model Based testing of automotive system" has been presented by Mr. Meet Doshi, Ms. Manisha Sampath, Prof. Ainal Abdul Azeez in "IEEE Sponsored 5th International Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT) 2019”, Pune, Maharashtra,India.


"Implementation of ERP in Academia” has been presented by Prof. Deepak Sinha in CETE: Conference in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, held at TCET, Mumbai under MULTICON-2018 in Feb-2018.


"Development of Polymer Microneedles upon Exposure of Hollow Gaussian Beam on Unconstraint Depth Resin” has been published by Prof. Chetna Sharma in IOP Science, 2018.    


Patent filed by Prof. Deepak Sinha on "Performance Enhancement for SoC Using MEMS Technology”

(Applied on  Nov 20, 2017 )

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