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Dr. Vaishali Kulkarni

Professor and Associate Dean (Student and Faculty Development)
Specialization: Networking, Signal Processing
B.E., M.Tech., PhD



Area of Specialization: Computer networks and Signal Processing

Interest Area: Signal Processing: Specifically, Multimodal Biometric, sign language recognition and Speaker Diarization.

Teaching experience: 17 years

Patents and Books: Nil

Research and Publication:

Publications – Conferences (National -1, International – 17)

Publications – Journals (International - 20)



Honors and Awards:

1.Best Paper Award for the presentation titled, "Speaker Identification by using Power Distribution in Frequency Spectrum”, University Day Paper presentation competition on 13th January 2010.

2.1st prize in Category II for the paper titled, "Automatic Speaker Recognition using circular DFT Sectors”, in Manshodhan, Paper presentation competition in Mithibai College, 27th Nov 2010.

3.Best Paper Award for the paper titled, "Closed set and Open set Speaker identification using Amplitude Distribution of Different Transforms”, in International Conference on Advances in Technology and Engineering (ICATE), ICATE 2013

4.Best Faculty Award, 2012, MPSTME, Mumbai.


Memberships of Professional bodies:

  • Life Member of IETE. (Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers)
  • Life member of ISTE (Indian Society of Technical Education)
  • Life member of IAENG (International Association of Engineers)
  • Member IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology)

Recent Publications:


1.Purva Badhe, Dr. Vaishali Kulkarni, "Indian Sign Language Translator using Gesture Recognition Algorithm”, International Conference on Computer Graphics, Vision and Information Security (CGVIS), Bhubaneswar, 2-3 November 2015, pp. 195-200.

2.Vaishali Kulkarni, Snehal Bhagat, Chandrabala Kothari, Vishram Bapat, "Classification and Determination of Physical Intrusion using Wireless Sensor Networks”, 6th International Conference on Computing, Communications and Networking Technologies, Denton, Texas, July 13-15, 2015.

3.D. V. Ghodke, Priya Khachane, V. K. Senecha, Vaishali Kulkarni, S. C. Joshi, "Simulation & design of high power class-D, 2 mhz, 4 kW RF source for RF based h- ion source”, International Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems, ICDCS 2016, Mar 3-5, 2016, pp. 10-13.

4.Dr. Vaishali Kulkarni, Kavita Bani, "Simulink Based Comparison of Spectrum Sensing Techniques in Cognitive Radio”, International Conference on Innovations in Electronics & Communication Engineering, 8-9 July 2016, pp. 387-398.

5.Vaishali Kulkarni, Sumita Nainan, "Performance Evaluation of Text Independent Voice Biometrics System using MFCC and VQ”, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Competitive Strategies, March 04 - 05, 2016, Article No.133.

6.Vaishali Kulkarni, Sumita Nainan, A Comparison of Performance Evaluation of ASR for Noisy and Enhanced signal using GMM, 2016 International Conference on Computing, Analytics and Security Trends (CAST), Dec 19-21, 2016, pp. 489-494.

7.D. V. Ghodke, Priya Khachane, V. K. Senecha, Vaishali Kulkarni, S. C. Joshi, "Simulation & Design of Maximum Current Point Tracking Controller for 2 MHz RF H- Source”, International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics, September 21st-24th 2016, pp. 2145-2150.

8.Vasundhara Gokarn, Vaishali Kulkarni, Zia Saquib, "Enhancing Control System Security of Power Grid Using Anomaly Detection and Behaviour Analysis”, International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics, 13-16 September, 2017, pp. 1249-1255.

9.Vaishali Kulkarni, Sumita Nainan, "Lip tracking using deformable models and geometric approaches proceedings of ICTIS 2018 Volume 1.

10. Shashikant Patil, Vaishali Kulkarni, Archana Bhise, "Carries detection using multidimensional projection and neural network”, International journal of intelligent and knowledge base systems, November 2018.

11. Dr. Vaishali Kulkarni, Kavita Bani, "Simulink based estimation of spectrum sensing in cognitive radio”, Innovations in Electronics and communication engineering, 2018.

12. Purva Badhe, Dr. Vaishali Kulkarni, "A review on posture assessment”, IOSR Journal of Sports and Physical Education, Volume 5, Issue 5, (Sep. – Oct. 2018), PP 08-15.

13. Shashikant Patil, Vaishali Kulkarni, Archana Bhise, "An intelligent system with dragonfly optimization for carries detection”, IET Image Processing journal, 2018.

14. Purva badhe, Vaishali Kulkarni, "A review on Sign Language Recognition for improved communication”, NMIMS Engineering and Technology review, Volume 1, issue 1, 2019.

15. Shashikant patil, Vaishali Kulkarni, Archana Bhise, "Comprehensive Assessment of Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT): A systematic approach”, NMIMS Engineering and Technology review, Volume 1, issue 1, 2019.

16. Shashikant Patil, Vaishali Kulkarni, Archana Bhise, "Algorithmic analysis for dental caries detection using an adaptive neural network architecture”, Heliyon,

17. Pranali Shenvi, Neel Samant, Shubham Kumar and Vaishali Kulkarni, "Credit Card fraud detection using Deep learning”, 15th international conference for Convergence in technology, 29th – 31st march 2019.


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