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Ms. Sumita Nainan

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Electrical
B.E., ME


Area of Specialization: Microprocessor and Microcontroller Systems,

Interest Area: Speech and Image Processing, Embedded Systems

Teaching experience: 17 Years and 8 months

Patents and Books: Patent Filed

Research and Publication:

Publications – Conferences (International – 06)

Publications – Journals (International - 01)

Publication in Last Five Years

[1] S.Nainan and V Kulkarni, "Lip Tracking Using Deformable and Geometric Approaches),” in Proc. 3rd International Conference onInformation and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems 2018 , Chapter 65, pp. 1-9, 2018.

[2] S.Nainan and V.Kulkarni and A,Srivastava., "Computer Vision based Real Time Lip Tracking for Person Authentication” International conference on Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems 2017”, Smart Innovations, Systems and Technologies Springer,vol.83, pp. 108-115,.2017.

[3] S.Nainan and V.Kulkarni, "Performance Evaluation of Text independent Automatic Speaker Recognition using VQ and GMM” Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Competitive Strategies, ACM,ICTIS, 2016 .

[4] S.Nainan and V.Kulkarni, "A Comparison of Performance Evaluation of ASR for Noisy and Enhanced signal using GMM” International Conference on Computing, analytics and Security trends , CAST, 2016 pp.489-494, College of Engineering Pune, India. 2016.

[5] S.Nainan and B.Pathya” Performance Evaluation of Face Recognition using LBP, PCA and SVM SSRG”, International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering SSRG-IJCSE, vol. 3 Issue 4, 2016.

[6] S.Nainan and A.Kumar and V.Gohil,” Speech controlled Automobile with Three level biometric security System”, International Conference OnComputing, Communication, Control And Automation ICCUBEA, IEEE,2017

[7] S.Nainan & P. Dhoipode,”Design and Performance Evaluation of Microstrip Antenna Arrays” International conference on Communication and Signal Processing, ICCSP ISBN no.978-1-4799-8080-2, April 2015.

Recent Professional Development Activities (Past 5 Years)

  1. 2day workshop on Software Defined Radio SVNIT, Surat, July 2014
  2. LaTeX for Technical Writing, Workshop 19th, 20th May 2016, MPSTME, Mumbai

3. One week FDP, ’Research opportunities in speech and image processing & neural network,13-17th July2015

4. 1 week FDP on Lucas Networks Training, MPSTME 14-19 Dec 2015

5. 4day Winter School on Audio and Speech Processing 'Speech Prosody' SSN college Chennai,8th-11th January 2016


Current Membership or Professional Organizations:

1.Member, IETE

2.Member, ISTE


Honours and Awards:Nil


Phone no: 022-45024778

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