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The NMIMS Department of International Linkages (DIL) fosters partnerships with premier institutions around the world to enhance NMIMS standing as a world-class institution.

Towards the University’s Vision to be a globally admired University by 2030, DIL has actively engaged with leading institutions around the world to foster student and faculty exchange, research collaboration and cross cultural learning.  Active international partnerships lead to exciting opportunities for faculty and students and provide the environment for high quality research. Our work focusses on enhancing existing partnerships, and seeking out new opportunities in line with NMIMS international strategy.

These collaborations explore various opportunities as below:

Faculty Exchange Programs: Our highly qualified and expert faculty can travel abroad to our partner university for teaching assignments. Similarly, International faculty visit NMIMS campus

Research Collaborations / Colloquiums / Seminars and Conferences: We work with partner universities for cutting edge research collaborations

Twining Agreements/ Dual Degree programs : Students study a part of their program at NMIMS and then go and complete rest of the program at a partner University abroad



Below are International Collaborations of the University for Twinning and Dual Degree Programs:

Sr. No.

Name of University


Brief details of Collaboration


















Virginia Tech











NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering & Virginia Tech  have collaborated for various Engineering programs


NMIMS MPSTME  311 Coordinated Program


This program gives an opportunity to students to earn B. Tech in Computer Science (option Data science) from NMIMS. Credits earned by students at NMIMS can be transferred to earn BS (Cybersecurity Management and Analytics) from Pamplin School of Business; Virginia Tech. Students also have the opportunity to pursue a MS degree in Business Administration with concentration in Business Analytics from Pamplin School of Business, Virginia Tech.


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M Tech (Data Science, Artificial Intelligence) Program and B Tech(Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security) Program.


Faculty from Virginia Tech would visit NMIMS to teach certain courses to students. Students who successfully complete this program would receive a certificate of completion from Virginia Tech.


The Stevens Institute of Technology


NMIMS has a Coordinated Academic Program Agreement with Stevens Institute of Technology, USA.


Under this agreement MBA Tech students have the opportunity to study at Stevens Institute of Technology. Students receive separate degrees in the form of a B-Tech and MBA Tech from NMIMS and an MS, MBA or Graduate Certificate from Stevens.


 The B Tech / MBA Tech degree is expected to involve nine semesters of study at NMIMS and the MS or MBA degree is expected to involve one year of study at Stevens, while the Graduate Certificate is expected to involve one or two semesters (Spring or Spring/Summer) of study at Stevens.


University of New South Wales



 NMIMS and (University of New South Wales) UNSW, Australia have a twinning program agreement.


Students from NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering who have successfully completed 2 years of a related engineering degree may apply to enter UNSW's Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering. Students may also enter UNSW's Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.


Final Bachelor Degree would be awarded by UNSW.




University of Canberra


NMIMS has collaborated with University of Canberra (UC), Australia for a twinning program.


Students of NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management& Engineering, BTech programs of Computer Engineering and Information Technology can study for 2 years at NMIMS MPSTME and then go to study the next 2 years at University of Canberra. At Canberra they have the following options:


·   BENSE - Bachelor of Engineering in Network and Software Engineering (Honours)


·   Bachelor of Information Technology


·   Bachelor of Software Engineering


Final Bachelor Degree would be awarded by Canberra .



Western Sydney University


NMIMS and Western Sydney University, Australia have a Twinning program agreement.


NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management& Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering students of Civil, Construction, Electrical, Mechanical, Robotics and Mechatronics can study for 2 years at NMIMS and then complete remaining 2 years of the engineering program at Western Sydney University.


Final Bachelor Degree would be awarded by WSU.






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Dr. Dhirendra Mishra

NMIMS MPSTME International Linkages Office

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